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  1. What needs to be considered here is that antenna lengths are matched to the frequency range. If you reduce the length you effectively detune the antenna from the reception range of the radio. If you want a shorter antenna you need one that has internally coiled wire that matches the required reception range. Just fitting a shorter straight wire will produce poor reception. Using an amplifier on a bad signal will merely amplify the error. It's better to have a weak/good signal than a strong/bad signal. Sent from my SM-G930F
  2. That's what we're here for 😎 Sent from my SM-G930F
  3. Another option to quickly add Bluetooth operability with a remote control-
  4. The AUX is play only, no controls for any devices I'm afraid. An inline controller would work. This sort of thing-
  5. Sounds like the bonnet sensor is malfunctioning. Try blasting around the lock mechanism with WD40. Other option is to splice the sensor wires together to bypass the switch but on a 2016 car should not be necessary. Your dealer would also be unlikely to touch the problem if you alter the wiring yourself.
  6. Indeed. The bulb holders are different. They are rare to get hold of but I do have a pair I obtained when planning the same project on my old mk2. Project binned when I instead chopped it in for my ST. These are my MK2.5 holders, they lock around the outside of the lens housing- This is the ones on the MK1/1.5 and Mk2 Focus, they lock inside the lens housing-
  7. Rear bumper (of course). Reverse and fog lights. Facelift fog/reverse bulb holders as the holders are different to the mk2 ones. I have a pair sat around somewhere if you need them, they are hard to come by. Everything else is a straight swap.
  8. The last line starting with V is the serial needed to request the code. Codes are only available from someone with access to the Ford Service database or a Dealership.
  9. Not compatible I'm afraid. You may be lucky enough to get auto lights but no guarantee. Dimmer unit without auto headlights- Dimmer unit with auto headlights-
  10. Found another one, I'll get it out for you tomorrow.
  11. That's annoying. Posted last week, good old Royal Fail again. I'll dig through to see if I have another one somewhere, bear with me.
  12. Sent from my SM-G930F
  13. Get a pair of Cree/LED hybrid bulbs. I have some in my car and the reverse light is far brighter. Sent from my SM-G930F
  14. You'll be fine with that radio. If the steering control is not integral to the radio then it will be a seperate interface module. You should retain all functionality. Sent from my SM-G930F