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  1. A chemist will suggest over-the-counter non-presctiption items that can compliment prescribed items (to reduce side effects etc). A lot of Doctors just prescribe what's in fashion or being currently promoted by their local reps. Sent from my SM-G930F
  2. Exactly that. I didn't know the Officer who died but he was a brother to me nonetheless. Sent from my SM-G930F
  3. Big bump there Fella. May have a copy for you though. NX Manual.pdf?dl=0
  4. I think you have the unit with ambient led's fitted (submarine lights). Can you show a picture of the front of the unit? Sent from my SM-G930F
  5. A sniff test uses a glass tube and aspirator bulb that pulls fumes from inside the top of the radiator into the test beaker, passing through a gas-sensitive bromothymol blue chemical. If combustion gas is present in the cooling system, a chemical reaction occurs, turning the fluid from blue to yellow, indicating a combustion leak from a head gasket. Sent from my SM-G930F
  6. The mk2 is non canbus. Sent from my SM-G930F
  7. My problem is that the abcess/infection is actually in the jaw under my tongue root. Clove oil won't reach that far. The combination of codeine, paracetamol and Ibuprofen do seem to be helping but still getting a nasty pain surge when the effects wear off. Staggering the tablets is smoothing the surge a fair bit.
  8. 90 is a good innings. R.I.P Chuck.
  9. Tell me about it I know I could do with shifting a bit of spare poundage but still a bit of an extreme dieting option. Missed my guinness on Paddys day too
  10. Aye, i know. At least with a broken bone or pain in a limb you can favour it and do something physically to ease discomfort. With tooth pain it's inside your head and there's no escaping it. This is agony (and this coming from someone who has suffered a broken back in his lifetime). At least the combination of Codeine, Paracetamol and Ibuprofen seems to be helping a bit at last. Going to try and get some much needed sleep, pity I still can't eat anything, been on minimal nutrient input since wednesday. I've even resorted to squeezy packs of baby food fruit puree.
  11. The rear of the ST's gets particularly dirty & wet because of the shape of the spoiler. Good for aerodynamics but bad for crud. Also guarantees you get a shower when you jetwash the back window. Sent from my SM-G930F
  12. Went to A&E last night as pain was horrendous. Nearly got put on intravenous anti-biotics. Pain relief now been doubled so hopefully some blissful sleep may be possible. Sent from my SM-G930F
  13. No rattling but plenty of discomfort. Painkillers are hardly making a difference and pretty much climbing the wall. That dentist is definitely getting chinned on monday 🤕 Sent from my SM-G930F
  14. Well I'm now on 6 hourly 1000mg paracetamol, 60mg codeine, 1000mg amoxycillin and 500mg ipobrufen to ease the swelling under my jaw and combat pain and still not doing well. My dogs know I'm crocked and are following me around the house like doting carers. They hate not being at work (me too tbh) but are getting hourly exercise as the cool air in the garden is cooling on my face plus playing fetch with them is distracting me. The collie has got bored and gone to bed though. Just wish I could manage to eat more than soup and get some proper sleep instead of dozing between bouts of pain when thr medication starts to wear off. God I hate my Dentist so much right now, I think I'll sock him in the mouth with my Asp baton on monday so he gets a taste of what I'm having to suffer. Sent from my SM-G930F
  15. This is usually down to a bad connection in the underseat wiring box. Give everything there a good wiggle to check the contacts are seated properly. Sent from my SM-G930F