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  1. hi there iv got a prob with my car when i am driving it im getting a noise like the of a plan going to take off it gets louder if i give it more power but when i back of power it stops it dose no do it when its sitting there on idel or when i give it some power i have noticed when i give it some power with the bonnet open i can see the engine move back quite could the back or front mount coz this noise if any one can help please let me now please thanks mark
  2. ;)hi there im thinking of buy a 1998 MONDEO GHIA X 2.5 V6 auto i just want to no are they any good iv bin told the gearbox is not that good on them they can't take the power of engine. and are the engines any good. yhanks mark
  3. hi there this is my fist time postting on her i have a ford 99 mondeo 2,0 auto dun 109000 when you put in to D it dose not drive but when you go in to 1st it drives and you can go up the gears in to D and it fine when you get in to D and when you back of the power it will drop down gear and when you put power back on it will go back up fine can you please help me. thanks mark :(