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  1. Cheers!
  2. 2010 ford focus i have noticed that on the menu setting dongle that you can choose comfort, sport etc. what does the sport do? does it use more fuel etc?
  3. I have had the same problem, My new company car 2010 focus has the same dash but the prior owner had a bury kit installed via cable so that the dash buttons work.. However bury dont do a cradle for my handset. Other than a parrot which doesnt use any part of the existing car kit i cant make/answer calls. really annoying!!! What is the point of having it on the dash! i Just want to be able to use the car to its full potential.
  4. Ok so it doesnt have bluetooth i can be pretty sure of that now. I have found a cable from bury base plate going into the back of the dash/ audio system. Is there a cradle available for the HTC desire s?????
  5. not the best pic but its the same as mine i found it on autotrader. Ford Focus 2010/ sony single cd. It has the volume buttons on the left, which resemble a second indicator
  6. Thanks mate ill get back to you if i cant get it going lol
  7. No mate nothing at all on the steering wheel, so thats what made me think the existing cradle was used because of no bluetooth. However there doesnt seem to be a cable from cradle so i dont get how it can be used. The car itself has like i said has buttons on the sony face, and microphone coming out the roof/ceiling.
  8. I have a new company car (ford focus 1.6TDCI Style). It has already a bury cardle for a nokia. However i have a HTC. The issue i have is i have no idea how to get it all working. The car itself has buttons on the sony system for hanging up and green to make call, but is it blue tooth??? Or do i need a cable etc. Its really stressing me out can anybody help???????????????