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  1. Happy Birthday D_Clougher!

  2. Trying to got my lowering springs but can't seem to be able to get the front lower joints off! I've taken off the locking bolt (or whatever it's called) does it just need more force to come undone? Thanks :)
  3. Already have done! & thanks for the comments :)
  4. Minty clean 1.4 zetec!

    From the album My first fiesta :)

    Lots and lots of cleaning went into this!
  5. DMB overlay

    From the album My first fiesta :)

    chrome and carbon
  6. MyCar 4

    From the album My first fiesta :)

    lowering springs in the boot, need them on!
  7. MyCar 3

    From the album My first fiesta :)

    Side view
  8. MyCar 2

    From the album My first fiesta :)

    Exploded view! 5 doors ftw
  9. MyCar 1

    From the album My first fiesta :)

    Took some photos in the sun, can't really tell but the paint looks so good in light!
  10. Hi, name's dan :) Just googled this site and thought i'd sign up, tried some other forums but not really that good IMO. I own a mk6 fiesta, and i'm 16, 17 in march and can't wait to drive :D so yeah, hi :)