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  1. OK thanks for the help and advice guys, much appreciated.
  2. Just checked and only the oil and cabin filters were changed.
  3. Yes good point. I'll check to see what it says.
  4. Hi Preee and thanks for the welcome. It had a full service in June. Would they have changed the filters?
  5. Hi, whilst driving recently on the motorway, I found that when I pressed the accelerator pedal down hard, the engine was very hesitant. It struggled to pick up. The engine seemed to be jerky and unresponsive. It only did it when I pushed the accelerator down fully and I had to release the accelerator pedal to keep going. If I accelerated slowly and smoothly, it didn't happen. I have tried it since and it still seems to be doing it. It felt like a fuel problem to me, but I have no idea really. The car is a 57 plate Ford Focus TDCI 1.8 manual. Can anyone offer some advice?