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  1. Ford Focus Tdci - Loss Of Power

    OK thanks for the help and advice guys, much appreciated.
  2. Ford Focus Tdci - Loss Of Power

    Just checked and only the oil and cabin filters were changed.
  3. Ford Focus Tdci - Loss Of Power

    Yes good point. I'll check to see what it says.
  4. Ford Focus Tdci - Loss Of Power

    Hi Preee and thanks for the welcome. It had a full service in June. Would they have changed the filters?
  5. Hi, whilst driving recently on the motorway, I found that when I pressed the accelerator pedal down hard, the engine was very hesitant. It struggled to pick up. The engine seemed to be jerky and unresponsive. It only did it when I pushed the accelerator down fully and I had to release the accelerator pedal to keep going. If I accelerated slowly and smoothly, it didn't happen. I have tried it since and it still seems to be doing it. It felt like a fuel problem to me, but I have no idea really. The car is a 57 plate Ford Focus TDCI 1.8 manual. Can anyone offer some advice?