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  1. Mk4 Mondeo 2.2 Tdci Turbo Problem

    I've found a diagram which shows the actuator is wired directly to the ecu with no fuses etc. I've printed that off and passed to the garage. See what they come up with. I'm tending to think maybe the new actuator is faulty.
  2. Mk4 Mondeo 2.2 Tdci Turbo Problem

    No lol. Foca said I had a mk3 2l engine??
  3. Mk4 Mondeo 2.2 Tdci Turbo Problem

    hmmm not sure why but its showing me having a focus 1.8 lol ive got a 58 plate mk4 mondeo 2.2 tdci lol
  4. Mk4 Mondeo 2.2 Tdci Turbo Problem

    Hi, I did download a version of etis but it didn't have any wiring diagrams at all. Im now downloading another one which should have them. Thanks Steve
  5. Mk4 Mondeo 2.2 Tdci Turbo Problem

    Hey, Thanks for your detailed response. Im asumming the vnt is part of the turbo/actuator? The turbo and actuator are brand new off the shelf garrett items. The garage and an independent auto electrician are both saying the electrical actuator isn't getting any power, and we are struggling to get a wiring diagram so further tests can be done. Thanks again Steve
  6. Hi all, Ive recently had a new turbo and electronic control box fitted to my 58 plate mondeo with 90k. Now the car keeps going into limp home mode, the local garage have plugged into the car and came up with fault P2562 Turbocharger Boost Control Position Sensor A Circuit. An auto electrician has looked at it today and said no power is going to the turbo actuator. For half a mile or so the car runs normal with plenty of boost and then goes into limp home mode, surely if the actuator wasn't getting power the turbo wouldn't boost? Does anyone have a wiring diagram for this system as the auto electrician doesn't have one for this mondeo and is struggling to find one. Been without the car for over a week now and really need it back. Thanks in advance. Steve