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  1. Essex V6 Block Type Difference To Cologne?

    Hi CJD Thanks for your reply, its all fairly new stuff - im more at home with the rover v8s! I didnt realise they could bolt straight on - so i bit the bullet and am mid way through rebuilding the essex block.. yes it could cost me more than 150, but at least ill know that it should be sound inside! It is a jet boat - and the jet drive is set up to take a few different engines - this being one of them! if you know little speed boats - they were very common in the bikini dateline boats - and used to fly at 50 mph! Many thanks for your help! Will
  2. Hi all I hope someone may know before i go out and spend loads - im after a bit of cheeky advice. I have a speedboat with the essex v6 which has seen better days, not revving and oil issues. I was wondering if a re-engine would be possible and if so if anyone knows the best engine - be it a cologne? idealy it would be GREAT to have the same flywheel bolts, exhaust manis and mounting bolts but i know im dreaming. does anyone know the differences in the blocks? i know i will have to cater for EFI and others - but thats not a problem yet! :) looking for something around 150hp. Thanks and Merry Christmas! Will