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  1. Fiesta R2 Belgium Edition

    excuse me for my english I enjoyed my stay very at home, I would present the fordfair 2013
  2. Fiesta R2 Belgium Edition

    I use 17" in summer and 16" for the other seasons
  3. Fiesta R2 Belgium Edition

    hello, I own a Fiesta MK7 (tdci 95) Series R2 (mountune pack) I was present at fordfair 2012 and I would like to know how to set my car in the group forum around the circuit thank you I come from Belgium and it is special to drive on the left ^ ^ Here are some photos:
  4. Ford Fair 2012 Picture & Video Topic Here are two video I made for I was there with my fiesta ^ ^ too special to drive on the left ^ ^
  5. Your Fiesta

    I did not understand with the back fires? there a difference?
  6. Your Fiesta

    tanks mate :)
  7. Your Fiesta

    I'm looking for four center caps for fiesta ST 17"
  8. Your Fiesta

    the car is badged R2 but it's a diesel with 95 ph mountune pack of origin and a silencer stainless steel. insert the LEDs in the front is of origin as well. Sorry if my English is not perfect, I use a translator. as I modified it and just instaled rims ST I do paint black panther:
  9. Your Fiesta

    merry Christmas ^_^
  10. Your Fiesta

    Here is my fiesta R2 , limited series in Belgium :