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  1. Bxxxxx, i think i bought the touch screen version :(
  2. Sorry, i mean in addition to standard titanium x spec.
  3. Don't all Titanium X's come with those?
  4. Hi Guys, Long time since I have posted on here, I use to have a Focus 2.0 TDCI Titanium 2008 model. Retrofitted bluetooth to that etc. I am looking at the above, and was wondering the differences in options that could be selected with the Titanium X. My budget is about 10k, I would ideally like a low mileage one. Mainly the only difference in the Titanium X models i have seen is Nav.....Is there much more? Cheers Dave
  5. Happy Birthday DaveRushton!

  6. I would check all the connections, also check on your phone that its setting to go through the radio!
  7. Thanks for all the replys ill pop down tomoz after the car is serviced.....again :(
  8. Thanks - Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance - 205/55 R16 W (91) £76.49 Look the best really :)
  9. Yeah I have seen the ratings, but the difference from the a-g rating is minimal in my eyes, I wanted personal recommendations. Always better than looking on a company's site :)
  10. Hey guys, just wondering on recommendations for tyres for the focus. 205/55/16 is the size, been looking at black circles site and they are all reasonable prices. What do you guys find are best? I will just buy all 4 I think :) Thanks
  11. I get around 45-50mpg driving at 75-80 motorways, 80 mile trip for work. Normally get around 520 miles before i fill up again.
  12. Why dont you just take the car back to where it got serviced? Explain to them ask them to check it?
  13. I am sure the wire attatched to the aux is not the mic wire, i just rewired with some 2 core and ran it to the centre light console, easiest thing to do, then just splice the wire and connect it! I did it about 8 months ago i think, really easy job, better to source the parts of eBay really. If i remember correctly all you need is: Mic, 2 core cable, Patch cable, BT module. Then obviously if you want to add USB you will need more Oh also, i am pretty sure the fiesta loom works, and it is cheaper!
  14. Mot

    Every time i read the title all i can think about is mot mot mot mot mot........
  15. Speedo is about 10% off anyway, you cant not have warranty because you changed the wheels, i would take his name, then send Ford an email to there customer services. See what they say....When i did this my local dealership started to do their jobs properly!