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  1. Happy Birthday shanemarsh!

  2. Alarm And Wipers Going

    there is no under tray on the car, im just glad its fixed. It was a couple of fusebox relays that was wet through and not correctly seated apparently.I must say polar ford in huddersfield made the whole thing completley painless and simple, might even use them for the next service,£260 major service including topping up the little vessel next to the fuel tank.
  3. Alarm And Wipers Going

    just got it back last night, had a new fiesta courtysy car for two weeks, hate petrols, always having to change gear, anyway, when i hit the deep standing water it entered the bottom of the fusebox with such force that it displaced some of the large square fuses and thats what all the trouble was so ive paid the £150 bill and canceled the insurance claim. Thinking of selling and gettin an old discovery instead.
  4. Alarm And Wipers Going

    the under bonnet fuse box has a tight fitting lid but has two giant holes in the bottom for all the cables to exit,it felt damp round the fuses and the lower section of the fuse box was very wet. i cant belive ford put the ecu in the front wheelarch ???? after removing the cover to the ecu ,the three plugs that go in it were drenched. i rang my insurance company and told them the car died after driving thruogh water and its been picked up by our main dealer already as im covered for flood damage.
  5. Alarm And Wipers Going

    ive had a mechanic friend up with a proper big code reader but the car wont even talk to it. he said its dead. the immobilizer light is flashing like crazy when i put the key in pos 2 and it wont turn over, not even a click or buzz., i think the battery is ok cos the lights and everything work fine
  6. Alarm And Wipers Going

    i have managed to reset the alarm and given the fuse box a lite dusting with a hair dryer but the car wont turn over and the dash says " engine systems fault "
  7. Alarm And Wipers Going

    the horn thats going off seems to be hidden behind the rear seats, behind the trim. I have skirted a few big puddles today so it probably is water but i cant see a thing, will have a look in the morning. Thanks mate
  8. Alarm And Wipers Going

    Ive just had to go outside to find the alarm and wipers going on my 56 plate focus after driving through a flooded section of road. the keyfob wont open the doors or stop the alarm and the engine wont start so ive had to disconect the battery,but everytime i touch the terminal with the lead , all hell breaks loose again.What the hell is wrong, could it be water ingress ?
  9. Broken Tailgate Handle

    Thanks mate
  10. Help With Diesel Fuel Consumption Please

    Hi, i live above holmfirth in the pennines and i seem to drive everywere uphill, so my 1.6 tdci is averaging 36.6mpg.On a long motorway journey it creeps up to 55/60mpg and the range gets longer.
  11. Broken Tailgate Handle

    new handles,door handles only £15,from underground parts and they do a full chrome grill. if these pics dont work they are in my gallery
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    From the album my focus

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