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  1. Hello From London

    Great. Look forward to it. :)
  2. Hello From London

    No worries. Well, I sort of am a newbie on here as not familiar with anyone.
  3. Hello From London

    Thanks for the heads up. Have been a member since 01/01/12. Never been active though as was on UKFN until it got shut down, hence moved back here. :)
  4. Hello From London

    Forgot to mention earlier. Black. Will be putting the standard wheels for sale. Looking into team dynamics or speedline turini alloys in black or silver. :)
  5. Hello From London

    Yea. The plan sounds good. I'm going to mainly concentrate on the visual mods for now. Mostly changing the wheels next week. :)
  6. Hello From London

    That's great. A lot of work to be done. Should look sweet when it's all finished. :)
  7. Hello From London

    Looks nice. A lot of new changes. :)
  8. Hello From London

    What do you currently own if you don't mind me asking?
  9. Hello From London

    Not at the moment. Sorry. Will take a few and post them up soon.
  10. Hello. I own a MK6 Zetec S. Looking forward to attending a few meets around the area. Thanks
  11. Got An Error On Your Car?

    Could you please provide a link to the smart phone application as I'm unable to find it? Thanks