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  1. It was a toss up because i have has 3 x focus and loved then and a 58 plate fiesta tcdi zetec s which was a great little car, thought i would upgrade to newer model fiesta but also like the 1 series, opted for the fiesta purely for the better MPG but one had been driving it for a week was so fed up with the poor build quality i went out and got the 1ner. will never go back now, it is very true "you get what you pay for"
  2. Took delivery of 1 series BMW, yes the MPG isnt as good but the difference in build quality is like man utd (bmw) and accrington stanley (Fiesta), sold fiesta and after being a ford man for 16 years will not be returning, BMW have converted me. driving the fiesta after te BMW rally showed up the diffence on a huge scale.
  3. Took delivery of 1 series BMW, yes the MPG isnt as good but the difference in build quality is like man utd (bmw) and accrington stanley (Fiesta), sold fiesta and after being a ford man for 16 years will not be returning, BMW have converted me. driving the fiesta after te BMW rally showed up the diffence on a huge scale.
  4. Mine is now on Autotrader and take delivery of BMW 1 series this week, to top it off what finally made up my mind was reseting the MPG then hitting the motorway and sticking at 60 MPH and only getting 51 MPG.
  5. Tato you state not to forget the pluses well heres my list of pros and cons of my mk 7 zetec s tdci in frozen white with blue interior. Pros looks very smart quieter drive than my 58 plate zetec s tdci Cons worse MPG even when driving like miss daisy less grunt and power delivery than my 58 plate zetec s tdci Rattles from dash, passenger door, reap passenger seat area and also boot door even at almost 5 mph squeaking from front wheels drone from engine at anything over 75 mph could live with the mpg issue and engine noise but cant live with the rattles as its only 14 months old and will only get worse, really dissapointed in build quality so going to get rid and get a BMW one series as its better on build quality and power and mpg very similar.
  6. Just had my Econo report back, 100% on gear shifting and speed and slight room for improvement on anticipation. A whole saying of £70 a year on fuel if i improve on anticipation. Well only getting 50MPG while driving almost as perfectly to economical as i can says the MPG is pretty crap and that they are miles from the figures published by ford.
  7. Rattles developed from boot door so !Removed! off now going to look at BMW 1 series tomorrow, it was a toss up between the BMW and fiesta and chose the fiesta as have been a ford man for the last 16 years, not anymore as cant believe such simple little things like these rattles are not rectified and many are suffering from them. The saying you get what you pay for couldnt be more true.
  8. Had my MK7 Zetec s tdci for a few months now and more and more rattles are starting to really bug me, dash, something in passenger doors, something in rear passenger and something from boot area. Really starting to wind me up and after 3 x focus, 1 x escort, 1 x mondeo and 1 x fiesta without issue on any of them i end up with something that i am serious jacked off about and to top it off the power is not the same compared to my last 58 plate tdci. Anyone else driving something that feels like its been thrown together and gaffer tape being the main component holding it together?
  9. Thought it would be something like sticking breaks etc, will try to get into garage.
  10. I have noticed at very low speeds either pulling away or almost stopping a highish pitched squeaking coming from the front wheels i think, anyone any ideas what this could be?
  11. Extra turbo lag LOL, i have noticed a real lack of power in comparison to my 58 plate tdci zetec s, so the likelyhood of further lack of power is laughable. Had the Econo thing fitted this saturday so will see what comes back from that as i am pretty sure my driving style is pretty economical as it is.
  12. Wow looking at submitted figures i think the fiesta i have just brought is a bit of a lemon, i change gear as soon as the green arrow indictor comes on, i read the road well so avoid sharp breaking and accelertion and generally drive like miss daisy, auto trader here i come.
  13. I have the zetec s tdci and to be honest its a nice car, but once over 80 the low drone of the engine working hard is very off putting and it does seriously lack any real power (almost pedestrian pulling away and no pick up when needing to drop a gear to over take), my 58 plate zetec s tdci pisses all over the newer model for instant power. As for fuel economy if you read other posts it is obvious it is a lottery as some on here are getting high 50 to low 60 mpg, well on the motorway cruising at 70 mph i only get 46 mpg and for a new diesel that is pretty crap. When i got this new fiesta it was a toss up between it and a 1 series BMW 118d. I chose the fiesta as i had previously owned one (older model) and its cheaper to work on, wish i had gone for the BMW now.
  14. Inath, looked at your figures, cant understand why my MPG are a mile from yours as same car and im driving like miss daisy and cant get the piece of junk above 50 mpg, motorway is only 46 mpg and thats driving at a steady 70 mph.
  15. I have 10500 on the clock, only getting 46 mpg on the motorway diving like an old woman is !Removed!, Engine must be run in by now, hence looking to offload it after only a month of having it.