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  1. Goodbye Ford

    Thank you all. Car and few parts (MK2 black headlights, MK2 and MK2.5 estate LED tail lights and 3 spoke leather steering wheel) are for sale, if anybody would be interested take a look at Buy & sell forum.
  2. Goodbye Ford

    Cheers FOCA, up to now I could only dream about such engine. Now we can afford it and I just could not resist
  3. Goodbye Ford

    Smile did not leave my face yesterday. Do not have many pictures so far, attached one of them. Really smooth ride, lots of power when you need it and 30mpg (as per computer) on the way home - both motorway and B roads, but I was taking it easy.
  4. Goodbye Ford

    Thank you Preee. Unfo I do not have much time recently and dis not post on forum, read from time to time. We will see. Yesterday I brought home BMW E60 545i, lovely car.
  5. Goodbye Ford

    So after 2.5 years of faultless drive it is time to say goodbye to my focus. It turned to be very reliable car. As new car arrived focus is for sale now. Thank you all for sharing your knowledge, your advices, mod ideas and great atmosphere on the forum. All the best and see you around.
  6. Washer Jet Non Return Valves

    Arrow shows direction of fluid flow. It must point towards washer jet.
  7. Washer Jet Non Return Valves

    Honestly I do not want to remove mat now, little bit to cold for me. You can find picture in this thread - post #8 You will see piece of blue tube connecting valve and jet. I did it shorter, as short as possible and that is it.
  8. Washer Jet Non Return Valves

    The whole problem is strange, focus is my first car with this issue. And unlike FOCA said it is not only water on the bonnet, those marks were hard to get rid off, normal washing was not enough. The way I see it Ford did not design washing system correctly, like many other things. Yes, there is a non return valve to keep the fluid inside tubes and prevent it from going back to the tank and actually this together with diameter of tubes and angle of the nozzles may be causing the problem. Tubes are about 5mm, while my previous cars were using 3mm tubes as far as I remember. When we use washers we are left with tubes full of washing fluid. While driving car is shaking and air slowly gets inside tubes from the nozzle side, obviously it pushes washing fluid out. Air must be getting pretty far, as nozzles dribble for a long time causing marks on the bonnet. I believe it happens due to "large" diameter of tubes. For the same reason Ford had to use non return valve as larger tubes require more time to fill, without valve it would take more time from pressing button to spraying from the jets and in some situations wiper would be moving on dry dirty windscreen causing scratches. When we fit non-return valve close to the nozzle there is only about 1 cm of tube filled with washing fluid. Even IF it will dribble it will be a very small amount of fluid. Other thing is I have used 3mm tube to connect non-return valve with nozzle, the only available in the store on that day. I remember I had to heat it up to fit. It is very short piece, valve and nozzle almost touch each other. The result for me is as written few posts earlier. Sorry for such a long post, shared few thoughts I had while having a beer :D
  9. 2009 Ford Focus Titanium - Isofix?

    Isofix screw holes are hidden dipper under the back of the seat, you can not see them on these pictures. Push hard the bottom edge of the seat next to seatbelt clip towards back of the car and you should see the plug. Take a look at this picture: http://files.myopera...mocowanie_b.jpg Sorry for the size, just found it on the internet as an example. You do not have to remove back of the sit to fit isofix.
  10. Washer Jet Non Return Valves

    FOCA, sorry mate, but it looks like you did not read the whole thread and linked thread (post #4). Do it first please. It works, for me and many other Focus users from different countries. I found this solution on other forum and shared here. BTW Focus has one factory fitted non-return valve too.
  11. Washer Jet Non Return Valves

    I can recommend these: I know they are not cheap, but genuine and high quality.
  12. Washer Jet Non Return Valves

    I already forgot about those nasty marks on the bonnet since I fitted non-return valves last year. During that time I had 3 or 4 single marks (nothing like before) and they where gone when I washed the car, no problem at all, it did not require special attention / treatment like before.
  13. Washer Jet Non Return Valves

    Search forum. Have already posted this "mod" with pictures some time ago.
  14. Mist Jet Adjustment

    I found this trick on other forum and it worked for me. But I agree that ford mist jets are rather poor, it's hard to call it mist, I used to have much better ones in my Opel.
  15. 2009 Ford Focus Titanium - Isofix?

    At least in case of focus this is not correct. All of them are prepared to be fitted with ISOFIX, but if ISOFIX kit was not fitted by dealer they do not have it. This is ISOFIX kit we are talking about: In my case I found this kit in spare wheel well. Anyway it is worth checking first, if it's not under the seat it cheap and easy to fit it.