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  1. Lol. It's like you read my mind!
  2. Lol. Damn dealer!!
  3. Couple more pics. Looks better during the day and I have to admit the colour is sort of growing on me
  4. Too dark for pics at the mo. Here’s a quick pic of the interior. hopefully posting some more tomorrow
  5. Just picked it up. It’s more wonderful than I could ever have imagined! Will be posting some pics as promised later tonight.
  6. Not yet. Had three handover dates so far. Dealer said it’s in compound now (whatever that means) so hopefully not long to go. On another note. He just told me that all Focus built 2012 onwards don’t come with the armrest and a few other things that were fitted as standard. I’ve kicked up a bit of a fuss, considering I ordered on the 23rd of Dec and he’s now trying to upgrade me to a Titanium that they got into stock last week. Just waiting to see if his manager authorises it. Won’t be black though unfortunately, but Midnight Blue. I’ll take that if it’s a Titanium EDIT. Just got back from the dealership. Getting a 2012 Focus Titanium in Ink Blue. A tiny bit miffed about the colour but it’s a free upgrade and I’ll be picking it up on Tuesday once they've got the plates etc. Pretty pleased with that result
  7. Yeah seen all those videos. I have to agree, that guy is a bit too Golf centric for my taste. I could have chosen a Golf myself, but I went with the Ford because it just seems to be an all rounder. loads of gadgets and I’m told driving and handling is pretty good for a car this size Funny thing is I've been seeing the new Focus all over the place now. Haven’t seen a black one yet. They all seem to be white or that dark orange colour.
  8. Lol! All I know is, he’s told me it’ll definitely be in January. Which I can only assume they have it in stock somewhere. But you’re right, the wait is killer and sweet all at once. Think I’ve gone through practically every Youtube video on the new ford focus just to keep me going. :P To be fair it IS my first car, hence the girlish excitement. :)
  9. That’s great Lenny. Thnks a lot for the link. I think white does look nice so long as it doesn’t have any ugly black coloured bumpers and mirrors. But, you’re right. They can look dirtier more quickly. Anyway, so far no news from my dealer. Ordered on the 23rd of December. Taking into account xmas, new years and bank holidays it’s only been about 7 working days since I ordered. The waits killing me!
  10. Thanks that looks great. Yeah that’s basically the reason I chose black too. When it’s clean, it gleams. Just out of curiosity, how long did it take for your car to be delivered from the date you ordered it?
  11. Oh wow! Awesome. Thanks so much. I'l definitely be wasting time at work going through these. I went with the panther black. Was considering frozen white. Seen a lot of white cars on the road that actually look nice, but decided to play it safe and classic. Looking forward to posting up some pics when I get it. Thanks again
  12. Hi Tomo, Went with the bog standard 1.6 Zetec 125PS. Really wanted the Titanium, but couldn't justify the extra £2000 with missus unfortunately. Managed to squeeze out free rear parking sensors from the dealer though. Now just waiting on a date for delivery.
  13. Hi everyone, Spent the last couple of days going through this forum and felt compelled to join. Love how passionate everyone is about their Fords. I just passed my driving test last month and went straight to Ford dealership to order a new Focus. No idea how long it’s going to take, so a little bit anxious but enjoying the wait. I guess my question is, as (almost) a new Ford owner, is there any general advice you guys can give me from your collective experiences that I should keep in mind as a Ford owner, either for now or in the future. Thanks!