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  1. are there any perfomance parts for a st170 ie head strech bolts head gasket etc

  2. o has anyone got an idear of what parts are good to use ie perfomance strech bolts and gasket cheers AJ

  3. hi going to be washing the motor tomorrow and will be using it as my avatar yippy gust got to save up for new head gasket its going to hurt the piggy lol

  4. Focus St170

    hi i have a st170 with a 4 into 1 manifold decat and powerflow exhaust light weight fly wheel single mass msd coil pack and kn induction kit remaped to 198bhp and 172.2 of lb/ft torque but it feels boggy at low down revs does anyone know what it might b or is it just me :{
  5. New

    does anyone live in clacton on sea essex on this site cheers aj :}