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  1. Thanks for the replies guys, don't think it is an option (well I can't find anything). Strange really how they give ambient lighting on the titanium but you only have the option of changing the colour on the titanium x. Thanks again :)
  2. Hi guys finally picked up my new focus titanium ecoboost yesterday and got to say I am loving it! :) But I have noticed the cool ambient lighting and I cannot seem to find the colour change button for the lighting for the life of me haha. I read on the manual it was above the headrest but all I can seem to find is the sunglasses holder. Anyone have any idea where I could find the switch??? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks for looking.
  3. Thanks for the reply Norman, I did think it would be illegal, just was interested lol. Cheers
  4. Hi guys, I was taking a look at the personalised number plates on the DVLA website the earlier and saw one which I fancied, but I thought it would look better if the space between the characters was moved. I was wondering is it even legal to move the space on a personalised plate??? I have attached an example of what I am talking about (if it isn't very clear what I am talking about): Thanks for looking
  5. LMAO good advice Chris, will take it seriously
  6. Hi again, I haven't been on for the last couple of days (work!, but I had a test drive today from the local dealer and I have got to say I loved. The car was strange at first but i'm not used to it (a dramatic change from a diesel fiesta 2006), the clutch I mainly had a problem with, being so light, but overall a very nice drive. I ended up getting £500 off the deal cause one of my mates knew the dealer I was seeing so I ended up ordering the vehicle, and got some mud guards for the wheels and a full tank of petrol (which was what I was expecting). Now I am just looking forward to being an owner of a Ford focus come march. Thanks for all your help guys much appreciated. One more thing, anyone got any tips for the car? i.e. getting used to it, little features......... Thanks again! :)
  7. Thanks for the number mate, will give it a ring when I get home from work. worth an ask, doesn't hurt. lol
  8. Hi, Thanks for the reply. I had a look online last night and it does seem a good price, it does have the same spec apart from the candy red paint, I preferred to have black metallic. But anyway I got to go for a test drive next week to see what the car feels like to drive, and if I like it (which I will lol) I will put down a deposit. Thanks again :)
  9. Hi guys, I'm on the verge of buying a new focus titanium ecoboost next week and thought it would be a good idea to join a forum. So here I am, but anyway I got quoted a price a few months back and it came to around £17500. Well I only now am thinking of purchasing one, my boss found out I was thinking of purchasing a new car and rang up the same dealer I got the original price from and had a chat with one of the managers he knows and they arranged for me to go up to talk prices. Well after talking about prices I got an offer for £17825, but with the black metallic paint (£525 extra) and 18'' alloys (£400 extra), the price on the Ford website came to £19670 but I know the dealers always sell below the retail price. But anyway what I wanted to know is what do you think about the offer? Thanks for reading. :)