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  1. Thanks for all your suggestions...turns out it was the top mount which was causing the noise. All nice and quiet now! :-D
  2. Yep, checked the exhaust, handbrake cables etc - no problems. Thanks anyway!
  3. I'll look at that next...it does sound like the noise is coming from the top of the shock. Thanks for your help.
  4. Hi all,I need your advice please.... I've just had my rear shocks & springs replaced on my MkIII Mondeo at my local garage. After collecting it I noticed an annoying noise from what appears to be the rear left shock (this noise was not there before and I only replaced the springs as they were badly corroded). It's almost like a knocking noise especially when driving on a bumpy road. I took it back to the garage where they checked everything and said it could be the anti-roll bar rubber bushes or the drop links. I made arrangements to take the car back next week but thought sod it, I'll change the bushes & drop links myself which I've done but the noise is still there. Any suggestions / advice on what I should look at next? Thanks!!