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  1. Help! Electrical Gremlins

    Thanks Gregers, much appreciate the help.
  2. Help! Electrical Gremlins

    Hi all! Long time lurker, first time poster. Firstly, a big thanks to FOC for helping me solve another recent issue with my 2002 Galaxy 1.9Tdi which was the brake master-cylinder. Anyway, this car has been a faithful servant for the past 6 years and i'm now experiencing some slight problems but it won't diminish my love for the car one bit. I first noticed the problem yesterday. My drivers window has simply stopped working without warning/noise etc. Now, I have searched enough to know that its normally the regulator in this case however, after noticing this, I turned on my sidelights, which came on but the hazard lights also flashed a few times....! Then a headlight went out, and now my central locking goes through the motions, locks, then motions continue and the doors all unlock again. I am going to look at this Wednesday evening when I can get this into the garage, so what i'm hoping for is for a kind soul to help point me in the right direction and try to cut down my head scratching time! Do I start at the fuse box, drivers door panel, under the hood...where? Any help or comments greatly rec'd! Many thanks in advance guys.