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  1. Lol that a good thing to do like thanks mate
  2. That sucks that like lol I don't have that much cash haha and I think I may try beg ford to pay for me lol so then it's like marketing for them lol
  3. Right to the point there like lol so how come u don't think it cud not be done
  4. Can u do the Gumball rally for free and if I did it in my h reg fiesta do u think ford wood sponsre me am not wanting to do it for a race just to do it to show how well my lil old car can run
  5. Y get rid of them
  6. Had a look it's comeing up with non not even my car lol
  7. I have a 22 year old mk3 fiesta and I like to no if any one still has one my just past a mot so am well happy