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  1. New Zetec S !!!!!

    Right right I get ya ;) sorry missed that one. I like the rear lights?? I didnt at the start, I suppose they must grow on you... And thanks!!
  2. New Zetec S !!!!!

    Haha, I meant the van. Dont know what you were thinking of?!? Lol. And thanks :D
  3. New Zetec S !!!!!

    Hi John, yeah we make a kit for the MK 2.5. (We do a kit for most ford models in recent years to be fair. We've even done one for the new tranny van ;) ) The kit consists of front spoiler, rear diffuser, 2x side skirts and boot spoiler. Check it out. http://i823.photobucket.com/albums/zz157/stew160_2010/08FocusRear.jpg
  4. New Zetec S !!!!!

    Hi alkyz89, how do you mean the rear side panels?? As far as i can see they have only changed the bumpers, side skirts and the lights?? And as for the rear lights, we dont make any but if you like the new ones so much you could always buy them from ford and fit them on your car... Then you'll have led's ;)
  5. New Zetec S !!!!!

    Hi, was just reading your thread. Thought I should introduce myself, we're a company in Manchester called SWR and we specialize in the design and manufacture of body kits. We supply new car dealers and we also sell kits to the public. We make a body kit for the new focus you may be interested in?? Take a look. Sorry I dont have any pics of a white one to hand, I can dig some out if interested.
  6. Fiesta Body Kit - Manchester

    Hi Chris, Im not sure which Kit you have seen, but we make a body kit for the fiesta. You may have seen it about or in some dealers. We're called SWR Design and we are based in manchester also. This is one of our kits in white. We also so one for the zetec vesion like yours. Ill post pics if your interested. Check it out.