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  1. Hi, I put a question on here a while ago & someone very kindly answered my query by telling me that perhaps I should replace the Oil Pressure Switch on my partners Ford Fiesta Zetec ... His answer & understanding of the problem looks good to me! Question then, Is this an easy job on a 2003 (53 plate) Ford Fiesta Zetec, or would it be advisable to put it into a Dealer or Garage? Thanks in advance for help...
  2. Hi, my partner has bought a Ford Fiesta Zetec, I noticed spots of oil underneath. The car is a 53 reg: & looked to have original oil filter! I thought the seal may have gone hard, as the oil seemed to be dripping off the filter. So I changed the filter & put new oil in up to the top mark on the dip stick & washed the sump off & cleaned all around, etc. Today when she got back from work I checked underneath & there is a film of new oil on the sump, it didn't look to be off the filter, just a small amount but there all the same . . . Any ideas, sump gasket perhaps or sump just wants tightening? Not the end of the World I know, but I like things right. Thanks in advance for any replies, they are much appreciated.
  3. Noise When I Apply Left Hand Steer

    When I am driving along in my 'P' registration Fiesta LX Diesel, if I turn the steering to the left even slightly I hear a noise almost like a low drumming ... I cannot say whether this happens if the car is stationary as I do not think it does. I have checked everything at the front and all seems tight and there is nothing obvious like something hanging off ... The noise does not seem like a bearing nois, but as you may gather I am no expert . . . Any clues ?