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  1. Happy Birthday gbreddiesel!

  2. Replacing 15" Focus Alloys. Help Please

    This is really nice & will run nicely in tight grip. This can control speed nicely. You must try this 15".
  3. Parking With Two Wheels On A Curb

    There are many types of tyres for different vehicles & Parking the vehicle at an angle will put more pressure on the side wall of the tyre, Perhaps try filling the tyres with nitrogen instead of air; it’s less likely to escape, as far as I’m aware BP do this service,
  4. Passive Key Not Detected

    There are different lock systems in different cars. They can be locked & unlocked easily but in some cars, this system is complex & asks for code.
  5. Cost Of Replacement Key

    It is true that locksmiths carry all the specialist tools for cars & other units also. You can buy another set of keys which can be fitted in any vehicle. There are many keys available now.