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  1. escort td lack of power

    hi,ok, not to sound a bit divvy, but what hoses/pipes am i checking and whereabouts are they, do i have to remove the intercoller to do this
  2. escort td lack of power

    hi yes done all that but still a pig to start, but when started, a serious lack of power.
  3. 2nd hand focus

    hi all, im into looking to buy a td focus, about 2000- 2002, what sort of things shall i look out for and what sort of money can i expect to pay, also does anybody know or have 1 of these models for sale in essex
  4. hi all, my 1995 td escort has lost power :( , ive changed the fuel filter , but still the same, ,,, it was driving fine and sort of lost power, it now wont start unless i give it a squirt of easey start, but when started you can hold it flat out and drive but with a serious lack of power,the turbo is spinning and dont have any play in it can anybody please help with this