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  1. Yeah you are probably right there. I'll get it all sorted and as you say if for any reason it's not quite fixed fully then will just let mechanic know but fingers crossed its just the bearing that's causing the issue and all will be well again soon :)
  2. Thank you for all the replies. Just going to get the one changed for now as everyone has suggested. Still a bit worried though as driving about the noise seems to get slightly louder when turning right but also slightly louder when turning left. All the things I've read say one direction it will go loud and the other direction would go quiet depending on which side is worn but that's what's puzzling me as whether I turn right or left I still get a louder noise, possible more of a noise turning right, but it's my right sight front wheel bearing that's failing. Any ideas why I'm getting it noisy all the time?
  3. With the noise being when steering left right and centre would it still be just the one bearing in your opinion? Tomsfocus- mechanic had same response and said that just changing the one that's faulty at moment is enough and no need to change both. So going with that. Just hoping car doesn't get anyworse over next week. Just driving steady at moment
  4. Also, the other thing I wanted to ask is that the noise happens pretty much all time so in a straight line, going left is more pronounced and going right slightly more than going left. Would this just be the one bearing as only having one replaced.
  5. Got car checked out. Not sure what the lock up of the brakes was but thinks unrelated and more than likely handbrake had stuck momentarily. The rubbing, almost knocking sound heard he said is wheel bearing. He checked and span all wheels but front drivers side wheel had a noise when spinning and said that it's wheel bearing so looks like the cause has been located. Getting it fixed end of next week but after checking it all he said it'll be OK driving around town until fix is done next week.
  6. Thank you for this I know it's hard to guesstimate but gives me a good idea on potential costs.
  7. Ah OK well he's going to check it over next week but from description I gave he thought that was the possible cause but I still think it's coming more from front of vehicle. Until he can check it though it's hard to diagnose I guess but hopefully be able to locate cause of problem. Do you think it could be an expensive big job then or will it be under £200?
  8. Spoke with mechanic, said it sounds like the rear brake has become delaminated but can't tell without checking obviously. Not entirely sure what it means. If this is the case what sort of cost am I looking at?
  9. Thanks again for the info, so in people's opinions then you think it won't go on its own, so it's not just rust etc that will burn off etc?
  10. Oh no that's not cheap at all, well hopefully it isn't that then and it is just a bit of rust. The strange thing is that same noise occurs whether you are just driving or if you apply brakes. If it was a slightly stuck caliper, surely the noise would change when applying the brakes wouldn't they? Anyway for someone that doesn't know too much mechanically to test. Both front wheels are warm after driving, not hot just warm so assume that as both are warm then that's normal.
  11. Oh right I've not heard of that one. So could it just be rust build up that will probably clear or could it be a sticking caliper? If it was sticking though, surely the wheel would struggle to move around? When we lifted it off ground the wheel still span, there was no major issue just a bit of a rubbing sound. I was advised that it's possible where the car has been left a couple of weeks without being used that the brake pad could have gone a little hard over time maybe causing a little more noise although apparently outside the car you can't hear anything. Only inside. I'm just not sure now what to do for the best. Do I leave it a bit and hope it eases off? If it is a sticking caliper can they sort them selves out as in more I use it could it gradually get free again. I'm assuming calipers aren't cheap if it did end up being that.
  12. I've been driving it around for about 150 miles since I've started hearing this noise and still no difference unfortunately. Noise does seem to change slightly when turning left or right but not by much, noise is permanently there and doesn't ease off, get worse or get better. I'm puzzled. The front alloy wheels both left and right side are warm to touch is that what you mean but they are both like it. Not sure what you mean by wheel hub. When we had the wheels off floor they turned around but front left was definitely a notable rub but it would turn still so brake caliper cannot be on still can it?
  13. hello all, hope someone can help. basically my car has been driving fine, then all of a sudden after leaving my car a couple of days, my car wouldn't move from stationary, as though the brakes were fully locked on. i tried going back and forth and the front or back just lifted up, after a couple of mins the brakes freed up and i could move as normal. but since this occured, im getting a constant rubbing sound as though a pad is rubbing against the disc. we've had the car jacked up and no play in any of the four wheels so don't think its bearings but in the front left wheel you can hear a bit of rubbing. what could have happened, has pag gone a little hard. there is plenty of pad left and discs are fine as well. many thanks
  14. Hello all, just looking for some help and reassurance. My car a tdci 1.6 Ford Focus 05 plate, recently had a hole in one of the turbo hoses. I noticed this as there was a loud air noise, sort of like a fan being on when accelerating and also I noticed that my mpg went down from around 50-55mpg to about 40mpg. I got the full pipe replaced and all is back to normal, no noise and car much more responsive again but the mpg still seems to be around the 40-41mpg Mark so seem a bit low. Will it take a few fill ups for the ecu to recalibrate the new pipe and use less fuel etc or should this happen instantly? It was fine up until the whole in the pipe but now it's fixed I don't understand why the mpg hasn't increased again. Thank you.
  15. What's metal tie wire? How did you put it on to stop it slipping off? I'm not too sure about the oil and making a mess as mines been fine so far, not got any oil leakage from the breather pipe area. Why would that be if other people are having this issue?