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  1. How does it mute the radio? Do you have to wire it into the car or is it a attatch and go? Sounds like yours is the one to go for :)
  2. Have you had any problems when at high speed? Some reviews on other makes said their rubbish on motorway?
  3. Haha, most people have a real big hatrid for them, personally if they light up the road and dont full on blind people i dont mind them, them headlights go really well with a hid kit, you can set the beam up so it looks just like xenons :) theres a couple of vids on youtube
  4. Thats a lot cheaper than i expected, think ill get one rather than ignoring calls. Does seem a shame to display the buttons and them be useless "/ cheers though :)
  5. I dont know what most of you think to this, and dont say im an a** for having them :) but i bought hid's for £40 off ebay (new) had them in about a year and still going strong :)
  6. I have the 2010 focus, on the dashboard i have the buttons for handsfree but when i press them it mutes the radio? Took it to the dealer where i bought it from (arnold clark) they had no idea and said go to ford; i went to the local ford garaged and their dealer was stumped, he suggested it comes with the car as they all share the same dashboard? Any clues as to why the buttons would be there? Can you wire it up to work or do you have to buy an aftermarket kit?
  7. Agreed with tdcist but my me they will only give the mot if the car is road worthy, they just cut a few corners like emissions if the smoke isnt bad. My last car was on its last legs and he passed it but advised, and really advised i get a new exhaust (for the next mot because it wouldnt pass next time)
  8. Boooo haha, ill wait untill they change the law then, however i have a few garages near mine that will pass you as long as the cars fit to drive. They're not fussed about the rest haha
  9. Ohh... I thought dpf wouldnt be affected? Thought it was maf or sommet? Was planning around that time anyway :)
  10. Had my foot down earlier, its picked up now, a lot quicker. Maybe the ecu is just settling down? Well dpf removal is planned next so i can get a better map then
  11. Okay cheers :)
  12. Well got my car remaped today and well..... Im not impressed? Its smoother granted, mpg seems worse on flats but better uphill? :S and it doesnt feel any faster? The guy said to allow a couple of days for the ecu to fully kick in. Anyone else experienced this? Id have thought 109hp to roughly 137hp would make a massive difference?
  13. Okay cheers :) thanks for help
  14. Nice one, thanks for your help. My heart hasnt sunk as much now. Ive got a family friend who owns a garage so regualr service wont cost as much :) Any recommendations on what to do with the air filter? Heard a performance panel filter will give an extra 3-5nm of torque?
  15. Well hes coming back this weekend to (if i can quote correcly) place 6 or 8 pins? On the ecu which bypasses any security. Should be done in about an hour. Only problem i have then is ive heard the turbos on my model (2010 with dpf) are crap and blow easily? I was plannimg on getting a dpf removal later on and remap done again but if the turbo isnt up for it i dont know what to do?