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  1. Confirmation pls.

    I have a Y-plate 2001 Focus. I recently took it to a local independent car electronics garage as the turning indicators have failed to cancel. This happened before (outside the year guarantee) and the chap fixed it. The problem has now recurred and he 'fixed' it again. However after taking my money, I have noticed that it is not quite right as you have to turn the wheel a lot more to the right to cancel it on a right turn. This has the result that the indicator will not always cancel on a right turn unless the angle of the turn is around 90 degrees. The chap states that 'that is how it is meant to be'. I would like to approach him again with evidence from the forum. I would be grateful if people could tell me at what angle approx. the steering wheel is turned to cancel it. I think it should be about 30 degrees. Ie. the indicator should cancel if I signalled right and turn the wheel through 30 degrees. Your input will be very useful for my case. Thanks in advance.