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  1. Hey could be a couple of things, sounds like something's draining your battery when youve left the car, seen as you've charged the battery and alternator( as long as the scrap yard one is working correctly) have you checked your alternator is charging correctly under load? If thats alright could be down to a dodgy earth, diode pack in the alternator or something simple like glovebox light staying on or boot light. Hope any of this helps
  2. Hi I'm new to the forum just bough a new zetec s and really want heated seats, any body fitted any aftermarket ones and if their as good as stand ones you get on other cars?
  3. What we normally do in garage is add 1l of coolant then 1l of water doesn't really matter just let the car run after changing the coolant for abit and it'll mix in it's self
  4. could be down to the glow plugs, if their on their way out it won't bring any fault codes up as their still working, just taking too long to heat up so it's not igniting at the correct time, when the engine warms up the glow plugs arnt needed as much so performance should pick up, had the fault on a few cars not just fords
  5. Hi I'm new to the forum just been reading threw, when programming new keys in when you get it in to learn mode it wipes all existing memory so all keys that's used need to be re-programmed again dunno if anyones already mentioned this.