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  1. Miford Can You Help Us To Help You?

    All good points... I like the APP, I'll pass your comments on to the developers... Really helpful Dave, Thanks
  2. Miford Can You Help Us To Help You?

    A direct line to ETIS... hmmm, its not there yet but interesting thought, are you talking diagnostic interface through the phone Paul? User manual seems to be a theme thats worth pursuing, why pdf instead of on line, so it can be downloaded and saved for printing? Discount on service booking ok... how about taking your idea further... booking a service via the APP and getting a discount for booking on line... How about we also have a word with our corporate partners and clients and add discount vouchers for other products, automotive, home, services etc... would anyone use them?
  3. Fiesta Tracking All Over The Road,

    Have you checked you tyres for uneven wear, are the inside edges worn? Was the geometry done on a 4 wheel electronic system with a print out and was the difference in ride height allowed for? How long has it been done?
  4. Fiesta Tracking All Over The Road,

    Probably stupid question, but after it was lowered did get a 4 wheel geometry done. If so were the tracking, castor and camber settings adjusted correctly? When you turn a corner does the steering wheel try to self centralise or do you have to do it completely manually? With regard to warranty, completely agree with Nathan, if you have lowered, unless Ford have done it for you with the recommended kit you may well be struggling Callum...
  5. Miford Can You Help Us To Help You?

    would videos and images of new model launches be interesting, booking test drives etc?
  6. Miford Can You Help Us To Help You?

    Thats a really good idea Dave, I like that a lot!!
  7. Miford Can You Help Us To Help You?

    Not yet Dave but it has been discussed... thanks for that, if you think of anything else give me a shout, much appreciated!
  8. Miford Can You Help Us To Help You?

    Thanks gents, quality feedback, all good and we are really pleased you like the initial set up... are there any other services or functionality you would like to see?
  9. Hi Everyone, For those who are not yet aware of the Ford Accident Management Program on Android and iPhone. We would like to give you some brief information on the program and just as importantly ask you for your assistance and ideas to help improve the service we provides. The program has been going for 3 months now and we would love to hear your feed back on the App and its content. It was always considerer that the MiFord App would evolve and we are now approaching that point. The Ford Accident Management Program is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, Ford Accident Management will provide you with a free service from the time you have an accident to the moment you get your vehicle back. This is not an accident management program that makes money from personal injury, there are no hire or injury commissions involved and one of the primary driving forces is to reduce insurance premium cost for our customers by reducing cost to the insurer. We: Recover your vehicle where it cannot be driven, free of charge Provide you with a free courtesy car – even if it’s not included in your insurance policy, even if you were at fault Liaise with your insurance company to process the claim and have repairs approved Complete your claim form Ensure your vehicle is repaired at a Ford Accident Repair Centre Only Ford genuine parts will be fitted Only Ford trained technicians will work on your car Your Ford panel warranty will be maintained When you have download the Ford Accident Management App to your smart phone. You won't have to: Remember all your details when you phone Worry about looking for the number Provide all the information to the call handler as this will automatically be sent to them from the app. All of the details required are transmitted including location so you don't even have to know where you are because we will... There are various other services such as finding dealers, service centres etc, you can order brochures, view new vehicles but this is where we need your help. Your mission should you choose to accept it is to tell us what you want from a device, even if you can not download the App your opinion is valuable to us and we would love to hear your opinions... Thanks in advance and MiFord look forward to contributing to the Ford Owners Club in return where ever possible. @ChrisVizion Facebook