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  1. I have a set of H&R springs i have just removed. had them on for 13k and they were really good. soft enough to take small bumps but were stiff enough to improve handling. If its for a fiesta Mk 7+ i have a set in the for sale section Drop me a PM
  2. Fiesta Tracking All Over The Road,

    the car was lowered withing the month of buying it, and no it was not done on 4 wheels, the tyres are perfecly fine, i am more than likely going to put the standard shocks and springs back on and see if the issue is still there, then if this is still the case i will take it to ford, i was just wanting to see if anyone has experinced this with them, thanks for all the info ! good forum!
  3. Fiesta Tracking All Over The Road,

    well i did for the service last month, and then put the new shocks and springs back on yes,
  4. Fiesta Tracking All Over The Road,

    yeah i got it all tracked and it is all perfect, i have not got my toe or camber adjusted, it was all fine this issue never occured when first lowered, and yes it returns to centre when i forexample comes out of the corner, its just now and again it will jsut pull you to the left or maybe a few miles later to the right, i am not worried about warrenty etc, i will have car standard before they see the car,
  5. Fiesta Tracking All Over The Road,

    yeah i know lowering springs will void this, it gets serviced, fixed under warrenty standard ;) springs are H&R springs,
  6. Newbie From Scotland

    yeah i use photo bucket, here is the car when the wheels where done, and how it stands now, cheers
  7. hi there im looking to know if anyone is having the same issue, i have a i believe a mk9 fiesta zetecs its a 60 plate, i have lowered it but its had an issue of when driving it pulls to the left then right, it isn't a consistant to one side that it pulls, you can feel it in the steering wheel, i have never expereinced this with previous cars, i know that it can track on the white lines etc with the wider standard 17" wheels, is this a common thing with the car or should i take it back to ford ? thanks ffor any help anyone can give ! cal.
  8. Hi there, im new to here aswell as ford! got a feista zetec s white 60plate, painted the wheels anthracite with sabion bronze flake, and lowerd it 60 mm, will get pics up soon!