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  1. Should I Or Should I Not Buy A Ford Ranger

    Just what i wanted to hear. Thanks for confirming that Mark.
  2. Should I Or Should I Not Buy A Ford Ranger

    Not entirely related, but as a new member i didnt like the idea of cluttering up your boards with a new topic just yet. I also am looking into getting a Ranger in the near future. Have been tossing up between the Ford, a Navara, or an L200 in terms of what suits my needs best. HOWEVER.... something that seemed a given on such a utilitarian vehicle, so much so that i didnt even look into it, has recently been pointed out to me. I dont recall ever having seen an example of a Ranger with a rull length roof rack. On one of those 'Truckman' type covers sure, but never extending to over the cab. Does the cab have the relvant fittings for roof rack/bars? This would be a deal breaker for me unfortunatly. Anyone able to enlighten me?