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  1. V power nitro diesel?

    If you're running a turbo high performance car i.e. an ST of either the petrol or diesel variants, then the 99RON or premium diesel's are worth it. In the petrol's it's 99 octane vs. 95 octane; it will make a difference. There's a reason that engines are tuned to a specific octane value when you go for a custom remap and it's because it does make a difference. The ECU will get used to which fuel it is being supplied with over a couple of tanks and then run accordingly. However the difference in non-performance cars is that small it is not worth using.
  2. Dash cam advice??

    I use a NextBase 402g, GPS, G sensor, movement sensor, turns off when battery drops and only paid £70 for it :P
  3. What's Your Winter Mpg Loss?

    I've gained about 5... Could be because it's run-in now though :P
  4. What Are The Best H7 Headlights?

    I have Nightbreakers and came from HIDs, they're not as bright but as far as an off the shelf and legal e marked bulb goes, they're about the best.
  5. Dashcam Purchased.

    My insurance went down by about £120 for having a dash cam, I did notice when ringing round some don't care about dash cams, while some want the bigger named brands rather than ones off ebay or adapted cameras such as the Mobius option some have. Swiftcover offer the best discount and are happy with any camera regardless of make.
  6. Dashcam Footage From My Many Travels

    Had this one last night... What you don't see is he indicated right earlier on despite there being no right turns at all on this road until well past the incident. This is on an almost blind bend and hill in 1 go in the middle of a 60 zone and he slows down and then brakes down to 10mph... Ridiculous - as you can hear by the comments :P Some choice language so mute if you're easily offended!
  7. Dash Cam For Tinted Windows

    Seems the 202 I have at the moment on loan (from mum) does indeed allow to turn the screen off which is good, that's one down :P
  8. Dash Cam For Tinted Windows

    Hey folks, I have 2 questions that I feel with the amount of dashcams running about someone should be able to help me with! I'm looking for a dash cam that is good enough to pick out a good level of detail through tinted glass, it's for the back of my car and I have factory tint's so nothing too dark but I feel may be dark enough to cause an issue or two. So question 1 is does anyone have any recommendations? I'm not wanting to go too pricey as it's a rear cam and not as important as the front (of which I have a Nextbase 402G which is a brilliant dashcam to say the least!), but then I do want a decent picture so has to be of a minimum 720p obviously; though it doesn't need features such as GPS and the like as the 402G has me covered there. Second question is are there any drawbacks from having 2 dash cams powered through the same power outlet? I run my front cam to the rear outlet as seeing I didn't notice that I had one for 3 years in my previous Fiesta (and probably the 18 months of the one previous to that) then I feel it may as well; however I'd run the second from the same spot too most likely. Also a sneaky third question - anyone got any ideas for blanking off the screen temporarily? I want one with a screen for ease of use, but I don't want a tiny view of what's going on behind me being a pain in low light :P Thanks guys!
  9. Dashcam Purchased.

    I can vouch for the 402; got mine for £80 and couldn't be happier.
  10. A Few Questions On 1.0L Zetec S Ecoboost

    I've hit 52.5 in my ST on an 80 mile journey, so if you drive well I'm sure the 1.0 will be as good if not better.
  11. Nextbase 202

    My parents both got 202's from Halfords in the sale and I have a 402 myself, good bits of kit.
  12. Expensive Illuminated Gear Knob

    Perhaps a sensor with an accelerometer in. The engine doesn't know what gear it's in anyway so it'd be pointless hooking it up to the ECU. Does seem kinda pointless and a little gimmicky. Kinda looks like something Halfords would sell for £30.
  13. Dashcam Footage From My Many Travels

    Where do I even start with this one... Two idiots stopped on a green light with hazards going, the taxi then pulls round the corner going at literally 2 miles an hour as the light goes red, so I go across and the other car decides to go through the red?! Taxi driver literally won't shift and as I pull round he's on his phone and waving his arms around... I cut off at the point where a verbal exchange was given, as I wanted to leave on the sound of the ST :P Morons to say the least...
  14. Dashcam Footage From My Many Travels

    Well had some stupid taxi overtake on a crossing, with a blind bend to follow and wasn't all too far off hitting someone face first; luckily there's a good deal of room there but if someone had been turning then it could have been quite a different situation...
  15. Bluewater Shopping Centre

    The Trafford Centre is another entertaining place to get to to say the least.