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  1. Hi I have son with fiesta that has a 1.2 Zetec engine and the drivers side half shat has collapsed. we have a same age scrapper in the drive and it has a 1.2 engine but it's not a Zetec . Can anyone tell me will the drivers side half shaft on the non Zetec engine car fit the Zetec engined car. also are they hard to remove? Cheers for for any help vin
  2. Ford say 125k do it at 80k . Mine done 90 K when it snapped and belt was on the bench in workshop with no urgency to fit! Vin
  3. Hi Mitch thanks for your reply. I had a good look at other threads on the subject and had heard the term interference engine mentioned and that because of this I am to expect more damage. it has just turned 90 K and is a 2010 dealer told me interval is 125k ! !Removed! timing belt and kit sitting on my work bench but not rushed to do it on strength of main dealers comment......... i am considering a replacement engine rather than spending money stripping down current engine only to find possibly a non cost effective repair. any idea what the likely damage would be in the worst case scenario ? also what are the difficulties in fitting a replacement engine? Do the electronics make this very difficult ? Has anyone here done it? Any my advice much appreciated cheers vin
  4. Can anyone tell me that has had a cambelt go how difficult or straightforward it is to strip down and what the process is. is there anything specific to look out for or be aware off cheers vin
  5. I done mine tonight, right enough it's quite easy from outside . Use rags to keep screwdrivers from damaging paintwork when you prise the old one out . Remove the number plate to make it easier as it does get in the way . Once it's out of the aperture disconnect the wiring plug , connect your new one and push it into place. cheers vin
  6. Mine just went today too on my 2010 fiesta. Seems it is a common problem. Switch costs 28 plus vat from my dealer. i looked for a guide on how to do it. Some say in through the inside of tailgate removing the wiper motor for access but another guy says you can do it easily from outside just gently prising the old one out. cheers vin
  7. Thanks for this Dan i will look for fault via your earlier post and if I don't get anywhere I will temporarily wire indicators up. Will let you know how I get on. thanks Vin
  8. Hi Dan what is the multi function switch connector? Is it the indicator switch? Any idea what I would need to connect and where? Any help much appreciated as at least I would be able to use it legally on the road. vin
  9. Hi Dan thanks for replying. Is that the fuses and relays in the engine bay? I have already checked and tried all the 60 amp fuses in that box and they all seem fine. could there be a temporary way to run power for indicators so I can use the car til I work it out? Cheers vin
  10. Mk4 1.25 Zetec electric Windows heater boot switch and indicators were intermittent but have now stopped completely. i looked in the forum and found that a relay attached to the fuse board beside the steering wheel can be at fault so I changed both but still nothing working. Any ideas? I did read it might be the ignition relay but I can't find out which relay it is . cheers for any help Vin
  11. Hi All can anyone tell me are the door locks the same in the mk5 and mk6 ? door locks are not working on mk5 so I could take them off the mk 6 if compatible. I'm not worried about the ignition as I can leave that as it is and just have different key for the doors. cheers Vin
  12. Will check it out , was yours making the same type noise ? vin
  13. If I can figure out how to upload a video to the forum I will take one tomorrow night so the sound can be heard. Could it be a noisy pulley ?
  14. Hi Ford any chance of the update? cheers Vin