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  1. 2010 TDCI chuffing noise ticking over

    Will check it out , was yours making the same type noise ? vin
  2. 2010 TDCI chuffing noise ticking over

    If I can figure out how to upload a video to the forum I will take one tomorrow night so the sound can be heard.  Could it be a noisy pulley ? 
  3. Hi Ford  any chance of the update? cheers Vin
  4. Hi All  my 2010 sport van with 1.6 tdci makes a chuffing noise it seems to disappear if I rev it up . I looked on the forum and I think it may be the injector seals can anyone confirm if I'm in the right direction and how difficult is it to sort?  Funny thing is my 2006 transit 2.4 tdci has always made a similar noise too I never done anything with it and it's been fine. I'd rather sort it on the fiesta though   vin
  5. Mk6 wishbone removal

    For some reason this pic has loaded rotated through 90 degrees. If you turn it to the right it makes sense. You can see the nut in question in the hole over the top of the wishbone bush. in the pic below you can see the loose bolt . if I grind it off as Scotty suggests in his post above I don't know how I can get the new nut and bolt tightened. any ideas?  
  6. Mk6 wishbone removal

    Scotty how did you tighten up the new bolt when you were putting the wishbone back in ? 
  7. Mk6 wishbone removal

    Cheers for that Scotty , I will have a go as soon as it stops raining.!  I have some stuff called deblock that is usually very good but will give the plusgas a go   vin
  8. Mk6 wishbone removal

    Maybe the big bolt should have a captive nut but the welds could of broken?  Do you know is it difficult to get subframe off?
  9. Mk6 wishbone removal

    No , I can't get any movement at all. I was going to take the calliper off its hanger and then remove the whole strutt and try opening the joint out with a big chisel.
  10. Mk6 wishbone removal

    The nut isn't captive and is turning
  11. Mk6 wishbone removal

  12. Mk6 wishbone removal

  13. Mk6 wishbone removal

    Hi Ian it is the rear bush , but it looks like it has three fixing points the 2 smaller ones with captive nuts and 1 larger , that passes up through the subframe
  14. Mk6 wishbone removal

    Can anyone tell me how I can remove a wisbone. i can't figure out the rear corner of it . It has a bolt connecting it through the wishbone with a nut I can't get at the nut on top of it above the subframe. Do I need to remove the sub frame or can I just loosen the subframe to get enough room to get at the nut.?  Im having a nightmare stripping this down to take the gearbox out , every nut and bolt seem to be fighting with me im only removing the wishbone because I can't get the lower ball joint pinchbolt out to allow me to pull the half shafts I've had to cut the bolt off flush as I bent it trying to hammer it out . Now I can't move it at all.  Anyway any advice with the wishbone greatly appreciated   cheers Vin