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  1. Small Red Light Beside Zero On Speedometer

    I have had this light coming on intermittantly, coming on when moving but going out again. It turned out that the bonnet wasn't shut properly. Check all doors, boot and especially the bonnet are shut properly. Also check there is more than 50 miles worth of fuel.
  2. Oil Sump Plug

    My manual (which only goes up to 2009) says 21 lbf ft
  3. Hi all - new to the forum Read all these posts with great interest. I have had a little amount of water sometimes in the spark plug plastic well. I usually just dry it up with a bit of tissue. What I can't see though is how it could possibly get down to the spark plugs? There is a collar around every plug hole and that is fitted with the rubber lead bung. I see that in some of the above pictures you refer to a bung between plugs 2 and 3. I haven't got that bung on my engine. What is your model with this bung? - mine is the Ti VCT 115 engine. I never been able to properly tell whether the water is rainwater coming through the seal OR if it is washer water coming from the pipe connector. Suppose it's better to seal both. Are the Mk4 washers from ebay spoken about above a better fit and seal then? Might think about a pair of them. Thanks in advance for any reply.