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  1. Thanks all for your responses! Just to clarify, I've already replaced the windscreen so i can get the heated elements plus the sensor mount. Annoyingly, my car had the sensor cables on the roof, but the dash loom was missing the heated windscreen cables and the engine loom was missing the heated windscreens and washer plugs. I'm quite good with electrics, as I've already added the wire for the auto headlights and thanks to the wiring schematics, it is quite easy to identify the correct position on the loom ends where each wire needs to be placed. I was aiming for one of the following two approaches: 1. Replace the engine loom with the correct ones - I'm unsure if that's easy to do. Has anyone removed/replaced it? 2. Source the tails for the windscreen and hard-wire them to the fuse box. - Just to clarify, when i say "hard-wire" i mean connect the end of the tails to the appropriate position on the fuse box using the right AWG cable. Then add the missing fuses and relays (if not already there) Both scenarios above, will provide the necessary connectors for the windscreen on the engine bay. To add the windscreen switch, I'm thinking another two approaches 1. Replace the dashboard loom with the one from Ghia, ST or RS which will hopefully give me the heated windscreen, plus auto lights (properly wired) and (maybe) heated seats. Looking at some guides online, it doesn't seem very hard to do. 2. Source the tails for the switch and hard-wire it to the right position on the fuse box My major issue is the loom for the engine, as it seems quite tricky to replace. Any suggestions on this?
  2. Hi guys, sorry to hijack and resurrect this old post, but i was wondering if anyone has managed to do this on a car without the proper loom present. Mine hasn't got the loom, but i went ahead to install the heated windscreen anyway. Before i chop the tails from the breakers and attempt to hard wire them, i was wondering if it's easy to change my current loom. Are those tails part of the ECU loom, and is it hard to replace it? I.e. do i need to remove the engine or loads of pieces/paneling?
  3. Thanks for your suggestions guys. I installed the mirrors and the window switch you suggested and everything is now working fine. Just some notes, * The mirrors i mentioned above are in fact powerfold. One of them is -LF and i don't recall the other. * They did have 9 wires, so i guess that could be an indication that they fold. * LHD mirror glasses have different zoom to the ones used in RHD cars. I had to replace the glasses with my existing ones. I now need just the UCDS adaptor to complete this mod. Did i read correctly on their website, that their software charges you €10 each time you apply some of the main operations? Also, i believe they no longer sell them, until they receive the new chips. Is that right?
  4. Thanks for your responses guys. My window switch has three pins too, so i'm guessing it's just a matter of its firmware. Internally it seems like a remote and there isn't anything obvious missing, or any blank spots that would give it the powerfold function. I'll be adding the missing wire today as i just received the needed Dupont terminals... I'll also order the switch so i can test once it arrives. If anyone closer to Manchester has a UCDS adapter it would be great, alternatively, i'll eventually bug Terry for that.
  5. Have i mentioned the car is a LHD? I did some more digging today and i came across the following: There is no plug hidden anywhere that would power the mirrors switch. There is no wire going to DDM (black) location 17 There is no wire on location 8 on the mirror plug and the DDM (blue) location 14 There is no relay at the back seats. I'm not sure if there should be one, but i read that it's needed and is located under the carpet at the rear door. Is this right? It's probably going to be a bit harder than i thought. I do like the idea, of getting the window switch, but i'd firstly make sure mine doesn't work. Its strange tho that Mcat shows some switches at around £120 whereas the one you suggested is only £50, even though it states power fold. Ford works in mysterious ways... I take it the UCDS is different to the modified ELM right?
  6. Yes, i've got all 4 windows with one-touch up and down. Since it's a fully populated switch, i was hoping it would act as powerfold too. I have the correct modules (PDM and DDM?) and i only miss the wire between them and the mirror. I also miss the wires that go to the fold switch. Ideally, i would like to have them folding with the switch, but also working with lock/unlock as I can currently open and close all windows and sunroof with the remote.
  7. Guys, I finally came across some mirrors that i'm 99% sure are powerfold. They are not TF but LF so I dismandled them and noticed two wires going to the place where the folding mechanism is. They also have 9 wires attached to them, so i'm feeling confident. I've enabled puddle and powerfold and when plugged in, puddle worked fine. I've got the 4 window switch and i was hoping it would also fold, but obviously it didn't. I purchased the simple switch, without the alarm bit. After i took the door card out, i couldn't find a wire that would plug to it. Could it be behind the large metal door card? 1. Any ideas where to look for it, or how to wire it? It has 3 pins and one is the signal which is described on the first posts, but i still need the other two. 2. I also tried to take apart the window mechanism hoping that i could somehow convert it to a powerfold switch as in RS, but my electronics skills are not that great and i couldn't see how to do it. any ideas welcome
  8. Great, thanks very much guys! Not the replies i was expecting, but at least i know have to return them...
  9. Thanks for your help guys. Terry, the seller claims that if they have six wires, they should be powerfold although my current ones have 6 wires too. Before i send those back, are you certain that EJ doesn't have powerfold? Just to clarify, those don't have puddle lights, just powerfold...
  10. Hello guys, I recently came across a set of side mirrors that the seller claims they are powerfold. I haven't managed to make them fold yet, but that could be due to wiring in my car. Can anyone confirm that 8M51 17682 EJ is in fact, powerfolding? It looks awfully like my current mirrors (inside the cap), and it only has 6 pins going to the plug like my current ones. Thanks
  11. Can anyone help me locate the engine number on a 2010 MK2.5? I've read about being part of the VIN number, but i'm not 100% if that's true... Thanks
  12. This is not a cruise control part... As far as i can tell, it is only an incorrect listing... This looks like a standard indicator stalk.
  13. When on 3 or 4, does the fan work as it should or is the speed slower than normal? I had a similar issue on a KA and it turned out to be the switch...
  14. Your solution sounds good, however i would like to keep my mods close to factory standard... (for now)
  15. I thought so, i was just thinking that i might have missed something during activation... thanks