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  1. Replace locks on Mk7 Fiesta

    That depends on the value of the car, the likelihood of getting stolen, the cost on my premium and the difficulty of changing locks. I've read quite a few posts about fiestas getting stolen (mainly ST tho) which means they are quite popular amongst thieves as well as customers, so I wouldn't be surprised if that's actually happening. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to convince anyone to start changing locks, all I'm saying is it's much easier and cheaper than most people think and doesn't require loads of tools or skills. The average car enthusiast can find his way round this for around £40-50 (depending on breakers prices) Also, in the event your locks get damaged, the process is the same and saves you an expensive visit to the stealership.
  2. Replace locks on Mk7 Fiesta

    I haven't owned that many used cars and i didn't do it on the last one i had, but it was only £500 so it wasn't worth it. I have however been changing locks on every house i've moved to (after the appropriate notice where necessary).
  3. Replace locks on Mk7 Fiesta

    To be honest i'm surprised it's not. The reason i desparately wanted to change them, was the fact i got the car privately with just one key and the seller has you home address from part 6 of the V5C. Buying a second-hand car is always a risk as the seller might keep the second (or third) key on purpose. If you replace all the locks, you eliminate that possibility. If you're super paranoid, you can send the new locks on a different address or buy them direct from the breaker so they don't have your address either :)
  4. Replace locks on Mk7 Fiesta

    So i managed to get hold of a set of locks and keys from a breaker and have sucessfully switched them over. They are hard to come across as most breakers prefer to sell them as a set with the ECU. It wasn't very hard and thanks to another forum member's suggestion i only replaced the cylinders leaving the steering lock assembly and immobiliser untouched. For now i had to keep the old immobiliser chip and will pair the second one using Forscan. Overall it took me around 15 minutes to replace the two cylinders, and another 15 minutes to swap the immobiliser chip on one key because the old one was glued in place. p.s. I was debating with myself in creating a guide, but it's related to car security and that's a public forum...
  5. Driver Assistance Pack - should I have chosen it?

    Personally i'd go for it. There's a large number of collisions that happen at low speeds for example when entering a roundabout where the car in front stops while you look to your right. You're currently familiar with your daily commute, but you'll eventually drive on unfamilar roads, where you'd be more likely to look at the signs or general traffic and momentarily miss the car in front. The cost you mention (£200) is nothing compared to the repairs of a potential accident and/or subsequent insurance premium surge. Also, it won't break your bank considering you're buying a new car. You might even recoup some of that money when you try to sell the car. p.s. My comment is based on the assumption you can disabled the collision feature
  6. Do I have an alarm?

    Looks like a coding issue on the updated website. There appear to be some JavaScript errors on the details page, which probably break the "more details" button. Looking at the source of the page, the details are there, just hidden, so it's probably a temporary bug.
  7. One-Touch Electric Windows Problem

    Appreciate it's a bit of a resurrection and a bit off-topic but probably worth noting in case it solves your issue or helps someone else. When i got my car a week ago, the passenger window was going down half way. It worked fine going up and down but always stopped at the same spot. Upon removing the door card, i realised it was blocked by the mirror cable. It appears the previous owner had replaced the mirror and didn't feed the wire correctly so it was crossing the path of the window as it went down. Initially i tried removing the inner door card also, but it wasn't necessary. An easy way to feed it correctly, is to remove the mirror completely, lower the window fully and then feed the mirror cable. This way, the wrong path will be blocked.
  8. Do I have an alarm?

    I was messing around with forscan earlier and it appears the perimiter alarm is a feature that can be activated even if the car doesn't come with it. My 2010 Zetec did not have an alarm, yet i was able to activate it using forscan. Tested with the open window method and the car behaved correctly. I did come across the following bugs however that will need further testing to confirm their cause I get a notice saying "Bonnet open". My bonnet has a sensor on it, however it needs some "persuasion" to close fully after a minor bump, so the lock might need replacing on my car. I don't get an actual alarm sounding. The hazzard lights are flashing which indicates i'm missing the sounder. My horn has stopped working some time ago (before i activated the alarm) so will need to test again when i replace it. At this stage i'm unsure if the car needs a separate sounder for the alarm or it simply honks the horn when the alarm goes off. I'm quite confident those bugs are limited to my car, but will let you know when i get to the bottom of them.
  9. Do I have an alarm?

    Alex, according to etis my 2010 Zetec tdci doesn't have a permiter alarm as it states "Less Anti-Theft Alarm". I've also tried openning the door when the car is locked and the alarm did not go off, so mine probably doesn't have one. I'd imagine there are certain models that include it as standard, but not all of them.
  10. Do I have an alarm?

    Few different ways 1. Go to and enter your VIN number. If it comes up saying "Less Anti-Theft Alarm", then you don't 2. Leave a window open and lock the car. After a few minutes open the door from the handle inside. If it goes off, you have an alarm.
  11. Replace locks on Mk7 Fiesta

    Unless i need to replace the ECU (and speedo that usually goes with it) it shouldn't be a massive job and can certainly deal with it. Won't be a 5-mins job, but certainly beats carrying an ugly steering wheel lock around. Has anyone attempted this and can comment on the required parts? If not, i'd probably buy them and see if they fit!
  12. Replace locks on Mk7 Fiesta

    Hi all, We recently purchased a MK7 fiesta as a second car for the missus, that unfortunately came with just one key from a private seller. I'm aware that's quite common, but being a bit obsessed about security, i'm thinking of replacing the locks. I can probably source the parts from a breaker and fit them myself in hope the overall cost would be slightly higher than buying a second key (with fob) and getting it cut. I'm just wondering if i really need to source the ECU or could do without it. I've seen some sellers giving you the speedo and ECU together with the lock barrels, but my (limited) experience tells me that shouldn't be required, unless it's something to do with the immobilizer. I was thinking i need the following: Ignition barrel Driver's door barrel (without the mechanism) Delete any existing fobs and reprogram the new ones (Is this possible using ELM?) Are those correct? Did i forget anything? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Can I Retrofit A Heated Front Screen

    Thanks all for your responses! Just to clarify, I've already replaced the windscreen so i can get the heated elements plus the sensor mount. Annoyingly, my car had the sensor cables on the roof, but the dash loom was missing the heated windscreen cables and the engine loom was missing the heated windscreens and washer plugs. I'm quite good with electrics, as I've already added the wire for the auto headlights and thanks to the wiring schematics, it is quite easy to identify the correct position on the loom ends where each wire needs to be placed. I was aiming for one of the following two approaches: 1. Replace the engine loom with the correct ones - I'm unsure if that's easy to do. Has anyone removed/replaced it? 2. Source the tails for the windscreen and hard-wire them to the fuse box. - Just to clarify, when i say "hard-wire" i mean connect the end of the tails to the appropriate position on the fuse box using the right AWG cable. Then add the missing fuses and relays (if not already there) Both scenarios above, will provide the necessary connectors for the windscreen on the engine bay. To add the windscreen switch, I'm thinking another two approaches 1. Replace the dashboard loom with the one from Ghia, ST or RS which will hopefully give me the heated windscreen, plus auto lights (properly wired) and (maybe) heated seats. Looking at some guides online, it doesn't seem very hard to do. 2. Source the tails for the switch and hard-wire it to the right position on the fuse box My major issue is the loom for the engine, as it seems quite tricky to replace. Any suggestions on this?
  14. Can I Retrofit A Heated Front Screen

    Hi guys, sorry to hijack and resurrect this old post, but i was wondering if anyone has managed to do this on a car without the proper loom present. Mine hasn't got the loom, but i went ahead to install the heated windscreen anyway. Before i chop the tails from the breakers and attempt to hard wire them, i was wondering if it's easy to change my current loom. Are those tails part of the ECU loom, and is it hard to replace it? I.e. do i need to remove the engine or loads of pieces/paneling?
  15. Anyone Retrofitted Power Fold Mirrors?

    Thanks for your suggestions guys. I installed the mirrors and the window switch you suggested and everything is now working fine. Just some notes, * The mirrors i mentioned above are in fact powerfold. One of them is -LF and i don't recall the other. * They did have 9 wires, so i guess that could be an indication that they fold. * LHD mirror glasses have different zoom to the ones used in RHD cars. I had to replace the glasses with my existing ones. I now need just the UCDS adaptor to complete this mod. Did i read correctly on their website, that their software charges you €10 each time you apply some of the main operations? Also, i believe they no longer sell them, until they receive the new chips. Is that right?