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  1. ok thanks a lot for the post , tomorrow morning i will try to work on it from down and i will see what i can do for it .
  2. my baby
  3. i found the pic here sorry but i take it bec it similar to my problem , do you know how to fix this bec i don't thing the thermostat broken bec temperature of the car as usual normal no increasing, i think the leak between the engin and thermostat i was thinking to open the thermostat and putting silicon gasket their ,but the important how to open the thermostat is it necessary to remove the dyanmo self and belt ?or i can open it from down ??
  4. hi i am from bahrain ,this is the first topic for me in this forms it is really fantastic forms , i have focus 2006 and i notice when i change the oil filter ,there is a leak like this photo which i see before in this forms ,it same place i go to ask of my friend to know about the problem and he say this big problem you should first remove the dynamo self for the upper of the engine which need to open the tension belt which also need special tools i dont have where only agent sell it if y will change this belf than you can fix this (Long story ) i don't know this true or not ,, do you know if i can repaire it from the bottom of the engine ??? all thanks