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  1. I have a 54 plate Fusion 1.4 tdci. When the outside tempreture is below zero the starter motor will only turn over for about one second then stop, it will do this for up to five or six times then it will start fine. Usually once it has started, I dont tend to get any other problems for the rest of the day. I've had a service on it with oil and filters change, including the glow plugs, but still get the problem in sub 0 conditions. Usually when it is cold enough for the ignition coil flashes on for a second is when I get the problem. If its warm or above freezing its fine. Any ideas???
  2. Hi, I plan on changing my glow plugs on my 1.4 tdci 2004 fusion. I have a haynes manual, but it looks like I have to dismantel most of the engine to get to the plugs, anyone got any tips or ideas? Also, most glow plugs I know of have a nut fixing on them, but the ones that I have bought which are suppose to be for the fusion, dont have a thread on them, is this actually the correct ones? Thank you Pete
  3. Aha, fair enough. Still, however, curious as to why then my ignition coil light still doesnt light up even in the cold (snowing conditions). I did do a dashboard test and on the bulb test it shows the ignition coil lamp as working, but even in freezing conditions (i admit I havent had a thermometer out to test the cold, but snow on the car all night would suggest its minus conditions) it still doesnt appear. Should I just change the plugs and check the connections anyway? or is there another thing to suggest. Also my OBD2 scanner didnt pick up any faults.
  4. I seem to be having this very same issue and I too got the same answers as above. So I wasnt concerned, until today. The temperature here in london has dropped and it snowed last night. So I thought I would go give the car a turn over and see if the glowplug light came on. So I turned it to position 2 all lights except the glowplug light came on. Now I assume the car is cold enough as I have about 5 inches of snow sat on the car. I did try starting the car and it turned over for about a a second and then cut out. I turned the ignition off, on to position 2 again, waited about 5 seconds and then tried to start it again, and this time it turned over and started. so, any new ideas?
  5. Thank you very much for that. Sorry I couldnt get back to you sooner, for some reason I didnt get a message saying someone had posted a reply. Thank you
  6. I have a Fusion 2004 TDCI 1.4 which starts and runs fine. However I've noticed that the ignition coil light doesnt appear to light up when I first turn the key. I still wait about 5 seconds before starting the car (I know what diesels are like) and the car starts fine. I thought maybe it was a bulb out so I performed a dashboard test and when I got to the bulbs, the ignition coil lamp shows up fine. So any ideas why the lamp works when in TEST mode, the engine starts fine, but the lamp doesnt show up on the dashboard through normal ignition procedures. Thank you and sorry again for this being in the wrong place if it is. Pete
  7. Thank you very much for that. Sorry I couldnt get back to you sooner, for some reason I didnt get a message saying someone had posted a reply. Thank you
  8. I recently purchased a 1.4 tdci 2004 fusion 2, and am wondering if the fusion 3 heated windscreen would fit and is the wiring there already like most other models of ford. Thanks