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  1. what i do like about that fiesta is the wind deflectors
  2. Wont it still beep when u are cumin to a town or going onto the motorway even though the it is a small display
  3. most of the time it is out of the town hills etc
  4. i would have to say the zetec s the chrome does look nice with the black but if i was thinking about that i would just go for the metal has everything
  5. Hi i am just wondering what everyone is getting on a fiesta zetec s i thought i would get slighty more than what i am getting 54 miles a day i am doing 6 days a week just now and getting 43.0 mpg is that good.
  6. I think i would go with u Chris it they needed replacing then i would.
  7. I have to say i do like the black ones i think they would look nice on my white fiesta how much do they !Removed! in at.
  8. Forgot to say prob get the wheels sprayed in black and put a pumspeed exhuast on to.
  9. Hi Stefan, Thanks for that unfortunately i am no where near Wales but what i am thinking is making it look like the Ford Focus rs MK2 in that green. Is that your car in the pic looks good.
  10. Hi i was just wondering if anyone has ever thought about or done this in wrapping a Fiesta i am thinking to but not sure if it is a good idea or not would love feedback cheers
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums dade12 :)