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  1. Happy Birthday vckgoalie!

  2. Ford Fiesta Metal (Dutch)

    Retrofit PDC are very simple.. Only plug and play. Only its mutch expensive. But it looks nice. My black rims are in the garage. Meaby in the summer.
  3. Hello, I'm Bregt and live in Holland. 2 years ago I have bought a Ford Fiesta Metal With keyless entry and Sony radio The last two years I completed some projects: Like this J1 automotive Pilot Xenon 6000k Short antenne White brake light Led frog lights ST rims Dutch voicecontrol Project front PDC Ambient light
  4. New Project For Dutch Fiesta Metal

    The next project is a rear view mirror with camera. You see the pic above. When its ready I place some photos. But first I order the last cables of the project.
  5. New Project For Dutch Fiesta Metal

    Last week I completed my front park distance control project on my Fiesta Metal. First a hole in the bumper Sensors left and right
  6. Here is my new project for my Ford Fiesta Metal. Tomorrow morning I will start this project. If it's done, pics are posted soon.
  7. Spoiler Extensions

  8. Ford Fiesta Metal Form Holland

    Some pics of my fiesta metal:
  9. Hi, I'm new here Live in Holland and have buy a Fiesta Metal last September. Pics will place soon Bregt
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums vckgoalie :)