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  1. Head Gasket 1.8 tdci

    Mintalking That's exactly what it was. I had to park it up for three weeks before I could get it sorted but it was worth it. The replacement part is now modified as failure is common, the guy that did the work said mine was the worst he's seen and had to dismantle the entire cooling system cleaning every part and flushing it through many times. He also asked me to take it back in a couple of weeks to give it a final flush through.
  2. Head Gasket 1.8 tdci

    Many thanks for your reply. I've had similar response from others that I've asked. A friend of mine is picking it up this evening and taking it to his workshop so I will let you know the outcome. The trouble is he is an hour away from where I live but i've never been able to find anyone in my town that I really trust. thanks again.
  3. Head Gasket 1.8 tdci

    Hi all, I don't believe it, I introduce myself earlier in the week telling you how the car is great and now it would seem I have a blown head gasket :o I noticed the expansion tank was a bit dirty when I checked the fluids prior to a night away. i've returned home and the tank looks as if it is full of oil and I guess that's the only thing it could be? The car is four years old with 42500 miles on the clock so you wold not expect that would you. Has anyone here heard of this happening or have any ideas why? Cheers
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    Thanks for the welcome Vinny.
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    hi all, I've just registered and thought I should introduce myself. Live in the South West and drive an 04 Focus 1.8 tdci Edge in Black. I've had it 4 nearly 5 months and I have to say I love it. So that's me, I look forward to chatting to you all in the future. Karwash