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  1. Help Please, Dash Pod Gauge

    In my opinnion turbo pressure is from PCM Computer like oil pressure. I don't know why turbo pressure doesn't work :( Maybe we must use ELM Config to turn on something about this sensors or go to Ford Service to use original IDS Computer.
  2. Help Please, Dash Pod Gauge

    Hi ! I'm from Poland :) I tried install gauges from ST to TDCI. Unfortunately, gauges doesn't work. Works only oil pressure. Turbo and oil temperature doesn't work :( Mayby TDCI doesn't have map sensor and oil pressure sensor. Here you have a connection : 1,2 - battery 12V 3 - ground 4 - ignition 12V 5 - can - ( pin 17 in main gauges / cable color : blue/red ) 6 - can + ( pin 18 in main gauges / cable color : gray/red ) 7 - ilumination - battery 12V Sorry for my english.
  3. Hey, my name is Arthur. I'm from Poland. I found your description of the installation of dashpod of the Focus ST. I wanted to ask you - is it possible to install the original ST dashpod to Focus 1.8 TDCI with original electrical harness? I found the wiring diagrams in which it is written that the oil temp, turbo work by installing the HS-CAN. Sorry for my English. Greetings from Poland
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums PantherPL :)