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  1. Best Battery 2008 Focus

    Thanks chaps am now up and running again .
  2. Best Battery 2008 Focus

    Nice one mate you just put my mind at rest .
  3. Best Battery 2008 Focus

    Ok problem is whats the best battery. I have a 2008 Focus 1.6 facelift and I have fitted HIDS 6000 and LED back lights too off a RS . All I need to know is do I buy a standard battery or do I need to upgrade to cope with extra power outage if any .
  4. Fuel Filter Location

    Thanks guys for your replys i have recently had my fuel filter looked at and on the 2008 Focus it has a lifetime filter that never needs changing so my engine fault light is still on showing a fault . Any ideas ! .
  5. Hello av got a 1.6 2008 Focus Titaium i just need to know the location of the fuel filter and if it is easy to do .
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums colbro :)