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  1. thanks pete but why did they not just use 2 bolts into the block instead of a !Removed! set pin which means you have to remove the !Removed! pin before you can get it out. GRR! It might be dry enough by monday i hope. Just a a matter of interest wher did you get the manual. cheers
  2. Thanks Pete, just back from my hols. Will give it a go when it dries up which will be a while I think!! Will keep you posted.
  3. lacking a manual which i cant find anywhere for my 54plate mondeo tdci can anyone give me some advice on removal and refit of the alternator. skint too many knuckles now and kids dont like me swearing for no apparent reason.[they'll learn]
  4. Noisy 2.0L Diesel

    got to agree with the aux tensioner. had the same prob with mine at 53000, and it sounded like a tractor at tickover. mech put new one on,[four handed job] and cured it instantly.
  5. it may seem a daft idea but get the output on the alternator checked out. it may not be supplying the pump with the power to run all injectors at below 3000revs and may be the cause of the rough idle. there seems to be a lot of alternator probs in the car industry in general due to the increased electrical components and the foreign manufacture which is not as robust as the good old brit stuff. keep me posted on how you get on.
  6. my 54 plate tdci has developed a chug at tickover although she drives brilliantly. Thinking it was just a bit of air in the injectors i decided to bleed each one to see if it would cure the problem as i had checked everything else. Expecting the usual ,when i slackened off the injector second from the left it started to tickover propperly. Now this goes against what you would expect so am i missing something. Please help, as it's driving me mad,[excuse the pun]
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums scotchbee :)