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  1. Hi, Checked them all and no issues here. It's only the illumination lights flickering, all other lights including headlights are fine. Just been told by Ford it will cost around £500 to replace as the new cluster will need to be programmed! Anyone know of an easier fix? Thanks
  2. Hi, Can anyone help? My wife's 57 plate 1300 fiesta has a problem with its dashboard lighting. When she's puts the headlights on the back lighting behind the clocks flickers on and off. There is no dimmer switch and was wondering if anyone has had this and resolved it before I throw money at it? Thanks, Dave.
  3. Hi, Alternator packed on the car, which was replaced and now kicks out 14.4v rather than the 12v previously. Since this event the car is very difficult to start when cold, it was always on the turn of the key. I have since replaced all glow plugs, as they had a good supply voltage but thought they might have stopped working. Still no joy on the cold start. Anyone got any ideas on this as it's driving me scatty! Engine flys round on the starter but just takes a hood few goes to get started. Thanks, Dave
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums ploppydave :)