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  1. Hard to believe I've had the car for nearly 3 months..

  2. Fitting A Sub..

    Just really want advice.. Just bought a sub (waiting for the charv jokes) Just making sure you can fit it in my car with no hassle?
  3. Can't wait for the summer weather to come around, a long cruise in the sun is needed!

  4. Halfrauds have literally drained my bank account on air fresheners/cleaning gear..

  5. The Best Cars You've Owned List

    My VW Lupo, absolutely loved it to bits! Had my eyes ripped out by the lad i bought it off unfortunately, ended up with £800 worth of work needing doing to it and ended up being heartbroken as I towed it to the dealership so it could be part ex'd in for my fiesta! Every cloud ey! https://twitter.com/#!/_JessLangstaff/media/slideshow?url=pic.twitter.com%2FosSJAZvF
  6. Best Driving Songs?

    Avicci - Levels, full blast, need the will to keep awake driving up and down the Dales!
  7. This Is Why You Don't Drink And Drive

    Don't see it being worth it drinking and driving.. Just had a mate who did it and wiped half a pub out and two cars, license taken off him and been put on tag.. Think I'd rather stick to the diet cokes and thats saying something!
  8. FOC Age group Poll!

    18! 19 This year! Still just a bairn..
  9. Untitled Album

  10. !

    From the album Untitled Album

  11. If in doubt, flat out ;-)

  12. Newcastle or Tyne & Wear meet

    Count me in!
  13. 10am Friday i'll be bringing Flick home! So excited!

  14. New To Ford!

    Hello & thankyou :) Still getting used to this new forum so i'm sure i'll be able to have a look around :)
  15. Newcastle or Tyne & Wear meet

    Dragonsville in Durham would be an ideal place to get everyone together!