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  1. Radio Stuck In Phone Mode

    Thanks very much. I think I'll go down this route :)
  2. Radio Stuck In Phone Mode

    Hi guys, thanks for all your responses... tomo2001 - As far as I'm aware, there is no clear evidence of a mobile phone car kit ever been fitted. jeebowhite - The stalk itself works fine and there are no buttons stuck on the head unit, as pressing the 'Phone' button comes up with 'Audio Muted' on the screen, when working. Alex Ripper - As I'm not technically minded, I think I'm probably best buying a new one, unless you recommend that a Ford dealer could fix the problem?
  3. Radio Stuck In Phone Mode

    Hello. Wondered if anyone could help solve my ongoing problem I've had for over 2 years... I have a 2006 Focus, fitted with the standard Sony 6000CD Player. After only a few months of buying the car back in June 2009, the radio started to go into PHONE mode, but this was intermittent for usually no more than 5 minutes. However, for about a month or two now, the radio is completley in PHONE mode and hardly ever comes back on... if it does, it is literally for one journey! I tried taking the fuse out and putting back in, thinking this might re-set the radio, but, after entering the key code, it has gone straight back into its PHONE mode. I have put up with this for so long now, it is driving me insane! If anyone at all can suggest anything or knows what the problem might be, I would be extremely grateful! :D
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Alan Hymers :)