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  1. Fiesta Mk6 Triple Deck Stereo Removal

    I fitted a new aftermarket stereo to my friend's 04 plate fiesta a few years ago, I remember having the same problem with refitting the heater controls, i got it to go back after some hassle. You can cut the dividing bars out of the original stereo surround bezel, making it possible to fit either a double Din stereo or a single Din stereo unit. We decided to go to a local scrap yard and get another stereo surround bezel, so we had a spare one if he had to sell the car in the future. You can pick them up for about £5. You will also need to get a triple dash facia, to hold the new stereo system, this is screwed in place to hold the new stereo. They average at about £7/£8 off the internet. As for the stereo itself, always check that it has either a rear/Sub output before purchasing one, as you need this to get the correct connections to link the amplifier for the sub to the head unit. Make sure the stereo has a cage with it as you will need this to stop the stereo moving about, if it is a new stereo you are buying, then it will come supplied. (also make sure the stereo comes with a ariel adaptor so that the radio works, or alternatively you can buy one for about £3 from a car accessory shop) Another item you will need to get is a Wiring Harness Adaptor, to allow you to connect the aftermarket head unit into the standard ford wiring, its just a case of clipping it on to the standard plug that goes into the back of the Ford stereo, then plugging the other side into your new stereo. Here are a few links for the items i have mentioned, I hope this helps, if you have any other questions, just ask :).
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