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  1. Mondeo 2ltr TDCI 02 estate Replaced rubber connector pipe between brake caliper and copper pipe rear,after several bleeds only drips came out no pressure anybody any ideas how to make my brakes work PLEASE
  2. Hi my name is Mark i own a Mondeo TDDI 2ltr estate on a y plate. I have searched high and low for this rubber pipe,apparently ford discontinued said pipe and i will have to replace all parts below if anyone knows of the whereabouts of said pipe or an equivalent on another type of vehicle i can use i would be eternally grateful yours Mark
  3. bought mondeo 2.0 tddi ghia need to check oil ,water so on and i can't find the bonnet release and also fuse box???
  4. Good afternoon everyone. Having just bought my mondeo 2.0 ghia tddi yesterday i have searched high and low to find the bonnet release and fuse box can anyone please tell me where they are ???
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums mitts08 :)