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  1. Engine Start Pending

    Just been searching google about this and found your topic. I have a 9 month old Ford Focus 1.6 TDCi. It's the new shape. I have this aswell. Only seems when it's cold but once I start the engine it flashes up. Will have to book it into ford to see what's the fault. Strange.
  2. Replace Brake Caliper

    Need new brake caliper on front. Anybody replaced one recently, if so where did you get it from and roughly how much. Do I need to get the pair replaced? Should I have brake fluid changed?
  3. Few Problems With My Focus

    Thanks for all your help. Will get it booked in ASAP. Will report back to see what needs replacing.
  4. Few Problems With My Focus

    Any idea how much this would cost to fix.
  5. Few Problems With My Focus

    I have a Ford Focus YR58BXD and need a few problems looking at:- 1. Vibration when idle and also when turning engine off whole car shakes. Been told its most likely a engine mount need replacing. 2. When on motorway a vibration through whole car floor. Not sure if its related to problem 1. 3. Had 3 sets and pads replaced on car over a period of a year and half. They all seem to warp and the brakes don't feel right. When I brake hard steering wheel pulls to left/right so something wrong with brakes. 4. When I accelerate sometimes car pulls to left or right. 5. Replace Fuel Filter. I have replaced all 4 alloys and tyres with new ones that are balanced aswell so they are not the vibration problem. Also had 4 wheel laser alignment.
  6. Vibration Through Steering Wheel

    ok thanks will do that. Take them all apart and clean then up and replace discs and pads. Could it be the caliper seized or the brake lines need replacing
  7. Vibration Through Steering Wheel

    Hi not sure if anyone can help. Have been getting vibration thorough steering wheel at all different speeds. Then it goes and comes back at different times. Have had tyres balanced. One or two of the alloys have a little buckle so that would not help. Also when braking I get a vibration through steering wheel. When I replaced discs and pads last year when car was bought the old discs where warped. The new discs where ok but now I think they are warped again. So think the brakes may be sticking on the front. Might need to clean calipers and sliding pins Any ideas??
  8. Front Brakes Binding.

    They have only been sticking on and off. They are ok again now. Not sure what's going on.
  9. Front Brakes Binding.

    Thanks. If it a hard job to replace calipers...
  10. Front Brakes Binding.

    I had new brakes fitted around a year ago. Recently the fronts have been sticking and getting very hot. What is the best to do. Get new calipers or is there something else I could do.
  11. Position Of Egr On 2008 2.0 Tdci

    Thanks for the help. May just leave it as it seems a big job to remove it.
  12. Position Of Egr On 2008 2.0 Tdci

    No idea where too look.
  13. Position Of Egr On 2008 2.0 Tdci

    Any ideas
  14. Position Of Egr On 2008 2.0 Tdci

    not sure if any of these are any good????